Deep Thoughts

1. Sometimes I imagine that if I lived somewhere like NYC or Chicago where I had to walk or take public transit everywhere I’d be in really great shape. But then I think no, I’d probably just be an alcoholic. No driving home FTW!

2. Most mornings when we leave the house, it looks like we were suddenly taken by The Rapture. I can imagine Olivia Benson standing next to the abandoned cereal bowls still on the table and train tracks half completed on the floor and the computer open to Twitter saying “They were obviously taken against their will.” Nope, just always, always late.

3. At what age to kids stop thinking trash trucks are the coolest thing ever and realize DUDE THAT’S A TRUCK FULL OF GARBAGE?

4. If preschool asks for a “family picture” to help my 3 year old draw an accurate portrait for the class bulletin board, is it wrong to pick one in which I look really great, even if Caroline is only like 8 month old?

5. Iron supplements might be the very meanest thing you can do to a kid. Hey kid, want some of this really yummy juice that will keep you from pooping for three days?? HERE HAVE SOME MORE.


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7 Responses to “Deep Thoughts”

  1. MommaExpat says:

    Yes to number one. Plus, there’s so much good food in a short radius in big cities (at least I think so). And food trucks and carts. And deserts.

  2. Victoria says:

    1. Using public transportation doesn’t help. It makes it worse. You are so tired and angry that the first thing you go to if your fridge or chocolate.
    3. At 6 it’s still amazing how it eats our garbage.
    4. Print out your favorite pictures and make a collage :)
    5. Combine with laxative that tasted like cherry :) That will brighten your day.

  3. sarrible says:

    Yep, you’re right on number one.

  4. 1) Yep. Me too. Drunk and fat. (Which, really, is not so different than now)
    2) Hehehe, Olivia Benson.
    3) My mom used to tell me that my older sister Zelda was a naughty girl so she was taken off to Naughty Land in a garbage truck. I held no such fascination with them after that.
    4) More than appropriate, obvs.
    5) All I can think of is LESS DIAPER CHANGES WOOHOO!! LOL! Although I would fear the first poo after the supplements end.

  5. merin says:

    Ugh-who is taking the supplements? Cora had to do that and it sucked. Cami just had a blood draw for a CBC screen so I am hoping the iron does not come back low!

    • bebehblog says:

      Evan is. He’s supposed to take it twice a DAY but I’m hoping once a day plus reallyreallyreally pushing the spinach smoothies, flax seed hidden in muffins and lots of cheeseburgers will work.

  6. Dan wanted to be a garbage man until he was well over 5 because he thought riding on the back of the truck would be fun. His dad told us that story at our rehearsal dinner. So, I’d say maybe you have a few more years.

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