Birthday Pool

I am not endorsing or encouraging or arranging any actual monetary bets on what day Baby Evan will come – but here’s your post for guesses.

To make things fair, here’s everything that could affect your choice:
My original due date was March 21st (based on our best conception date guess). They changed it to April 1st after the first ultrasound.
At all my appointments since I’ve measured exactly on target for April 1st.
I have zero risk factors or conditions that would cause the doctor to suggest a c-section or induction – at least not that I know of yet.
My mom had all three of her kids late.
Ask almost any mom and she’ll say the first baby always comes late.
My birthing instructor says anything between 38 and 42 weeks is considered normal.
Don’t guess anything later than April 10th. That’s my 27th birthday and I swear to God I am having wine that day, baby or no baby. If I’m still pregnant on the 9th I plan to stand in the middle of labor & delivery screaming my head off until someone pulls this womb invader out.

Here are the guesses so far:
Meghanstrader – March 25th
Lalaland13 – March 27th
Sarrible – March 31st
Other Erin – April 2nd

And my guess is March 30th.


15 Responses to “Birthday Pool”

  1. Erin (i dont have a fake name :( ) says:

    I pick April 5th, but maybe I just like that day :)

  2. lalaland13 says:

    I’m starting to wish I had gone a little later-maybe April 4-but I guess it’s too late now, and I like March 27 because my best gay buddy was born that day. So I’ll stick with that. And I don’t blame you a bit for wanting wine on your birthday.

    How weird would it be if it was actually on the 1st? I heard somewhere only 5 percent of kiddos come on their actual due date.

  3. Erin (i dont have a fake name :( ) says:

    I just don’t wanna hear any “I had the baby today…..April Fools!” kinda phone calls! or else!!!

  4. SarahMC says:

    April 2

  5. Katie Gibson-Stofflet says:

    April 6th

  6. AGreenEyeDevil says:

    April 10th, although for your sake I hope I’m wrong! So which wine are you craving?

  7. sarrible says:

    I was a day early, and I think lowercase and I are going to get along famously. Hence my guess.

  8. sarrible says:

    Oh, and please, for the love of holy God, no one guess March 24. Because she’ll be at my house. And I am not ready for that shiz.

  9. Other Erin says:

    You are going to NYC 7 days before you a due??? That’s crazy!

  10. sarrible says:

    Lowercase and I have a deal. He stays in there long enough for his mom to meet Dooce on her book tour, and one day I’ll buy him beer.

  11. h_a_l says:

    I’m going with April 4th – 4/4!! Only because I have this thing for double numbers!

  12. stacyinbean says:

    I’m going with April 1 baby! Come on Little E, you can do it!

  13. MapleJam says:

    My bet is for March 29th!

  14. Mary says:

    Average your original due date with the sonogram date. That’s when my baby was born, anyway.

    Official guess:
    Labor starts on the 27th, baby born early morning of the 28th.

  15. sara says:

    soooo i’m getting in a little late…but i’m going to put my guess in as april 1st. that way i will always remember his birthday (same as our anniversary). i need all the help i can get when it comes to remembering important dates! :)

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