Baby Belly

I’d been thinking about doing this anyways, but this post on Jezebel discussing society’s obsession with women’s stomachs along with the links to The Belly Project and The Shape of a Mother convinced me. I posted tons of pictures of my bump during my pregnancy, why shouldn’t you know what happens (dum dum dum) AFTER. I could write pages and pages about how I feel about my new stomach and how depressed I am after shopping for jeans yesterday and how I detest the phrase “battle scars” and how even though I love my baby I sort of feel like he ruined my body, not that it was all that spectacular before but at least it wasn’t covered in stretchmarks…but that would get really long and boring and be full of self-pity. So I’ll shut up and just post.

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  1. erniebufflo says:

    I once spent an entire afternoon on Shape of a Mother. It was mesmerizing. And I know that you’re a smart and sexy lady, so you KNOW this even if you don’t feel it right now: your body isn’t ruined. It may be different, but not ruined.

  2. Brigid says:

    I love you for doing this.

  3. You’re amazing. Seriously amazing. This is awesome and gutsy and brave and totally inspiring.

    I don’t know if I want kids, but I know that one of my biggest fears about having kids is this purely selfish thought: I like my body the way it is. I don’t want to get pregnant and have stretch marks and loose skin and all that stuff. I don’t want to ruin my body.

    And it’s such a superficial thought, and so, so selfish, but it’s the truth.

  4. lalaland13 says:

    You are awesome. Don’t let US Weekly tell you otherwise. Mothers aren’t meant to go from nine months pregnant to washboard abs in the span of six weeks, despite what they want you to believe.

    I still think you’re gorgeous, and I bet E does as well.

  5. SarahMC says:

    Damn, girl. Even your post-baby belly is cute! I know women who’ve never had kids who have bellies that look like that.

  6. TheDomina says:

    You look great and are awesome and only like a month out of giving birth! I know your body will never be the same, but it takes some time for the stretch marks to fade a bit so don’t let those jeans get you down!

  7. J.D.Regent says:

    I’m extra impressed by your piercing making it through intact and still totally cute. Fuck the haters, whoever they may be — you made a new whole person with that belly, I think that is a little bit more valuable than cultivating a six pack past the age of 22.

  8. AGreenEyeDevil says:

    You look great! It’s hard to see one’s body change/evolve, but nothing in life is static.

  9. h_a_l says:

    The fact that women in our celebrity obsessed culture are more celebrated for “getting their body back after baby” than the actual fact that they made a new person and are embarking on the amazing journey of raising that little person is maddening. Maybe if people gave their children 1/2 the time they gave their diets and trainers the world would have less Heidis & Spencers?

    Sorry, I’m crabby. But go you for posting this and you look awesome, and it’s only been 6 weeks!!

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