Are Cats From The Devil?

My friend Natalie did a funny post this week about what search terms people are using to find her blog. I thought I would check mine, but was disappointed that most of them are perfectly reasonable and not at all insane. I think that’s a sign that I’m getting boring in my old age – luckily there are still a few good ones to share.

why people like gin and lemon zest sorbet so be – So be…what? Finish your thought! But to answer your question, because gin is delicious, then end.

free boobes iamges cow – I’m not exactly sure what you were looking for, but shame on you anyways.

why do trees have pine cones – To make super cool crafts with, duh.

tramp stamp tattoos – I RUE THE DAY I ever typed the word “tramp stamp” on this blog. It is rued.

zombie party foods – Brains, obviously. You probably shouldn’t be planning a party for zombies when you don’t know very much about them.

naked carpet – I have no idea how this landed someone on my blog, unless it’s how they found my laser hair removal post in which case I’ve officially died of embarrassment.

are cats from the devil – Yes.

h&m black men’s jeans 2011 – You must be really, really lost.

troll baby – Amazing Halloween costume idea, dude. Go for it.

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5 Responses to “Are Cats From The Devil?”

  1. I love this! I’m always amused by the search terms that lead to my blog. I’m pretty sure you are an expert on H&M men’s black jeans though, are you not? You’ve certainly given off that impression. ;) Too funny!

  2. Joanna says:

    well this forced me to look at my stats and confirm that only five people read my blog BUT I digress.

    Most of mine are hip dysplasia or spica searches. It’s amazing that years after my girl’s problems that is generally how people find me.

    I think my funniest term is “chin hairs before period.” Thanks to this post:


  3. I think they didnt know how to spell sorbet. In that case they were probably looking for this: You are welcome for introducing new end of summer stuff to try … b/c you know you arent going to be indulging in sorbet during the winter. I will be, but then again it will be 82 and without awesome fall leaves.

  4. Audrey says:

    Since I just moved my blog over to WP I’ve lost my search terms for the most part. But that’s okay because they generally consisted of things like “boys underwear” which just gave me the creepy crawlies and kept me from ever looking at search terms. But I do have one for “bowl burlap is beautiful” and I’m betting the people were directed to my burlap garden hanger project. lol!

  5. Liz says:

    Mine are pretty normal it seems … the best ones are:
    leprechauns –> from a St. Patty’s movies post I had someone guest-blog.
    first rule of bean club —> from Puss in Boots.
    are the townspeople in Bernie actors –> because I talked about that.

    I use Sitemeter too though, and I have had some random searches direct to my blog before. :P

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