April Fools

NO BABY. I am so frickin frustrated. After 12 hours of contractions – HURTY ones – I was only dilated another 1/2 cm and no more effaced. The doctor was sleeping when we got to the hospital so he told the nurse to admit me and hook me up to the monitors. She and I watched my contractions for an hour and said “Yup, those are contractions.” But only moderate ones. To be honest, they didn’t hurt nearly as much as I had feared so I sort of suspected it was going to be a while. E immediately fell asleep in on the pull out chair so I was left to stare at the monitor myself. I couldn’t move or roll over because that would move the sensors on my belly and the nurse would come running in to check the baby’s heartbeat. The bed was awful, the room was hot, the strap from the monitors was itchy and I was so so so tired I immediately started asking to leave. I finally agreed to walk up and down the halls just to get out of that bed. Around 6 am the doctor gave me a choice – stay and let him do something to make me progress or go home and see what happened. I went home. Now that I’ve had a few hours of sleep I feel SO MUCH BETTER but still disappointed.

Since I woke up about an hour ago I’ve been feeling my contractions again. I’m going to walk around the block for the next four or five hours, yelling at my stomach and promising the baby anything he wants if he’ll just get born. I’m still going to tell myself I’m in labor, it’s just early labor. Otherwise I’m going to end up back at the hospital begging for the Pitocin drip and the epidural just so I don’t have to keep calling everyone with updates. E and I are both so so SO grateful for everyone’s prayers and positive thoughts. I’m totally overwhelmed by how much love I get through my silly little Bebehblog and I feel like I’ve somehow failed the internets by not having a baby to post about yet.

Last night while we were waiting to go in, Mom and E and I watched Twilight. I’m afraid that might have been what made the baby reluctant to come into the world. Blame it on the sparkly vampires, those gay pride parade looking a-holes.

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  1. lalaland13 says:

    So no water breakage yet? God I’m sorry if we’ve made you feel pressure, what with our hovering. We’re like an Internet waiting room, but we’re about to get kicked out of the hospital for being loud and annoying.

    You have not failed us. No way no how. Don’t worry about us. We’re thinking of you, but we will be fine without updates. Get some rest, and keep Robert Pattinson away from your baby.

  2. Come out, come out, bebeh. Mommy wants her body back!

  3. TheDomina says:

    Aw, you haven’t failed, you are such a trooper! Keep trucking and soon you’ll have a lovely little one and all this will be a distant memory!

  4. Maritsa says:

    Your bebeh is just holding out for that super-cool 4/4 birthday. Good choice on going home – my water broke so they wouldn’t let me even though NOTHING was going on, and I just spent hours in a hot room. You are a smart lady!

  5. stacyinbean says:

    Don’t worry about us little lady, I’m only frantically checking in on you on my iPhone every FEW hours! He’ll come when he’s ready, and maybe Maritsa is right, 4/4 WOULD be a cool birthday! Do you think you could bring a fan so you don’t get too hot?

  6. AGreenEyeDevil says:

    My thoughts and prayers have been w/you, and will remain so! I’m so glad you didn’t subject your body to the pitocin last night, just keep walking as much as you can. Keep us posted… :)

  7. Don’t worry. One day, you’ll hold this over his head and use it as a guilt trip. “You know, Baby E, I was HAVING CONTRACTIONS and I WENT TO THE HOSPITAL, but did you come out? NO. So you can just eat those vegetables and YOU’LL LIKE IT, MISTER!”

  8. Candace says:

    Come out Come out wherever you are baby E.. We want to meet you.. Mama is tired of waiting to meet your sweet little face..
    Good luck Suzanne, this is the hardest part, but it will all be over with soon I promise and it only gets better from there. Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you and Evan. We want to meet little E when he arrives..

  9. EmmyL says:

    I think he just loves your insides so much. After all, he doesn’t have to breathe with his lungs, he gets continuous nutrition through the long tube he’s connected to, and he still gets to listen to television and your conversations. He’s eavesdropping and he’s not even here. And, he gets a ride whenever you are walking around. By the way, do you think he “falls asleep” in there? Is that possible for babies to do while they’re in the womb?

  10. Mitch says:

    Epic Fail. (Just kidding! It will be soon!)

  11. funnyface says:

    Clearly your uterus is just way too comfy, safe, and warm! I’ll be thinking of you all day and hoping that at some point, you’ve got a baby in your arms instead of in your belly!

  12. AGreenEyeDevil says:

    Just stopping by to check on you!

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