7 weeks

In honor of Baby Evan’s birthday, here’s sixty-three seconds of adorable.

And in honor of Memorial Day (because…Memorial Day honors our military and E’s in the Navy and the Navy has boats too…what?! It’s totally a connection!) here’s the baby on the boat:
Sorry that’s not more exciting, so far the baby has only been AWAKE on the boat for about thirty seconds and I’m too scared of accidentally dropping him overboard to take him out of the car seat.

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  1. I think Baby Evan is trying to wink at you towards the end. He’s gonna be a ladies man, I can just tell. Watch out, girl babies of Connecticut!

  2. sarrible says:

    I love it when he has the hiccups.

  3. The little hiccups! How cute!

  4. stacyinbean says:

    Yeah, I’m pretty sure he was trying to work his ‘Blue Steel’ at the end there. TOO cute!!!!

  5. BABY HICCUPS! I love how amazed and borderline horrified he is by everything in the world around him. “OMIGOD what is that?! Oh. That’s daddy. OMIGOD, what is THAT? Mommy. Oh. OMIGOD…*hic*”

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