5 Truths About Vacation

1. If you are a parent and you take your kids with you on vacation, it’s not really vacation. It’s being a parent in a new and different (and hopefully more scenic) location. You still have extra bodies to dress and feed and clean and beg to go to sleep so you can drink your wine in peace. The only way to TRULY get a vacation is to leave the children somewhere else. Or bring a nanny.

2. Letting your children play in elevators is a poor choice. Even the small private elevator in your beach mansion. Hashtag RICH PEOPLE PROBLEMS. (Luckily Caroline bears no ill effects or claustrophobia from those terrifying 10 minutes.)

3. If you take 1000 vacation photos in a weekend, just switch to JPG instead of RAW so you don’t waste your entire vacation editing photos of drinks and food along with the beautiful shots of your children.

kiawah island vacation-63

4. Even if your children previously loved sand/water/swimming/the beach/the dark/cheeseburgers/naps/sleeping/eating/dogs/walking/singing/breathing/etc etc etc, they will insist they DO NOT love those things as soon as you get 200 miles from home. Especially if they are 2 and a half.

5. I need a vacation after my vacation. Luckily I can be totally lazy and sloth-like for the next couple of days while I finish editing photos and forcing you to look at them.

kiawah island vacation-33

kiawah island vacation-47

kiawah island vacation-56

kiawah island vacation-83

kiawah island vacation-87

kiawah island vacation-96

kiawah island vacation-99

kiawah island vacation-114


p.s. Still an amazing vacation, even if I sound a little ungrateful slash spoiled. Driving home is the worst.

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5 Responses to “5 Truths About Vacation”

  1. Audrey says:

    The two of them in that alley…THE BEST

  2. Chris says:

    There is no forcing me to look at your pictures I enjoyed this post as much as I have the past ones. I totally agree that shooting vacation photos in RAW is not fun when you have to edit them all. I sometimes get rid of some I would normally keep just to keep the editing time down.


  3. molly says:

    I am so jealous of your long vacation! And all your pictures have been so gorgeous!

  4. sarrible says:

    Aw, I miss Princess Sadface.

  5. I love the photo of Caroline laughing in her bathing suit.

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