4 months

Happy Birthday Baby! How can it only have been four months since this adorable little boy came into my life?
I feel like he’s been mine forever. Baby Evan has such a huge personality, full of laughs and smiles for friends and strangers. He loves tickles and raspberries and being tossed lifted over your head. He’s quite a daredevil already and I am counting the days until he starts leaping off the furniture. He can sit up in your lap or propped up on the couch.

He loves to stand up if you hold his arms or his waist and he can roll front to back but not quite back to front. IMG_2960

He loves animals more than anything and is already learning to pet the doggie and the kitty “nicely”. He can make lots of baby sounds, including all of the vowels, m, w, b, and h, and has started screeching and cackling when he laughs. He sleeps through the night and takes two long and two or three short naps a day, so I get lots of time for chores, cooking, the internet, or naps of my own. He has started to listen when you read to him, looking at the pages and trying to grab the book. I am so looking forward to every moment of watching him grow from a tiny little Gollum-lump to an independent, happy, loving boy. Happy birthday my darling baby. Baby? Hey, baby over here!


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  1. lalaland13 says:

    My uterus just melted in a puddle. And because of budget cuts, I’m going to have to clean it up myself instead of calling a custodian.

    Sounds like the first two or three months were the hardest, but now it’s better because he sleeps more. I’m so glad things are going well, and I love that your son is already an animal lover.

  2. candace says:

    he’s adorable.. i love all the photos you posted. Things always get better with time right? I hope he does well with second round of shots coming up soon… tylenol, tylenol, tylenol…

  3. stacyinbean says:

    Happy Four Months Baby Evan! You seem like a pretty cool little dude and you are cute enough to eat with a spoon!!!

  4. your sister says:

    omg look at your baby. okay, he totally wins the cute baby contest.

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