2nd Birthday Planning

Evan’s 2nd birthday party is 12 days from today and I am at least three weeks away from being ready. It is unfortunate that 12 days is not actually 21 days. Maybe I can move the party to an alternate universe where numbers are read backwards. Or maybe I need to stop saying stupid shit like that and spend my time doing something productive towards this party instead. My problem is I did a bunch of super-early planning and got ahead of myself and felt really confident in my ability to finish up last-minute details at the last minute…except I forgot stuff like “plan a menu” and “hand out invitations” weren’t really last minute details as much as 90% of the actual party. Whoops.

For some reason, I seem to have a lot less free time this year than I did for his 1st birthday. I am totally baffled as to why that might be.

But the invitations I didn’t put in the mail are in my diaper bag to hand out tomorrow and I spent Sunday finishing up the banner I’d been planning to make for the last two months. I also realized I need to put away about four boxes of junk from my front two rooms, since anything glass or breakable or heavy enough to hurt a 2-year-old if it falls on them needs to be out of reach when I invite two dozen 2-year-olds to come run around. I am also considering two semi-sewing projects but I hate threading my sewing machine SO MUCH I might scrap those. I’ll make up for it with some extra balloons or something. Balloons make everything more festive.

Speaking of balloons, the theme of the party is “round things”. I’m a genius, I know. It will make a lot more sense – and be a LOT more fun – when it’s executed rather than just explained. This year is much more about the actual party/activities part than last year, but I can’t resist doing a little decorating too. Here’s some of the stuff I’m working on:

I scheduled the party for mid-afternoon so I don’t have to provide an actual meal, (although if some of our friends are still here for dinner I will order a pizza or two)(pizzas are round so I can pretend it was on purpose) but it wouldn’t be a party without food. And it’s always fun to plan food around a theme. So far, the menu consists of:

– Fruit salad made with round fruit/melon balls
Caprese salad sticks
– mini meatballs
– pepperoni, round cheese & Ritz crackers
– roll up mini sandwiches
– truffles (made by my friend Erin who made the cake for my baby shower)
– round candy of various types
– cake (that I am going to attempt to make and decorate on my own)

Anything really obvious and/or delicious that I’m missing?

I have zero ideas for beverages, since most soda and/or alcohol doesn’t come in a round form. So I might just get regular soda and water and make cute labels. Or maybe round ice cubes. Or if I get REALLY ambitious, maybe I’ll try to make some bubble tea. Too bad they don’t sell that Orbit soda anymore. (Remember that stuff? I was OBSESSED with the orange kind.)

Clearly I still have a lot of work to do. But no worries. It’s not like I have anything else taking up my time.

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17 Responses to “2nd Birthday Planning”

  1. Swistle says:

    Three favorite parts:

    1. “Or maybe I need to stop saying stupid shit like that and spend my time doing something productive towards this party instead.”

    2. “…except I forgot stuff like “plan a menu” and “hand out invitations” weren’t really last minute details as much as 90% of the actual party.”

    3. “I am totally baffled as to why that might be.”

    I love all the photos! Pretttttttttttty. And so cheerful! They felt like they should go in the same category as those special lamps for sunlight therapy.

  2. Ms. Megan says:

    I love the round items theme!! How cute!! I love all your beautiful party supplies thus far!! It is going to be an amazing party!! xo

  3. Donavon says:

    cupcakes are round! And so yummy!!

  4. Audrey says:

    Make a pie instead of a cake! Pie is round.

  5. Girl, it looks like you’ve done a TON already. Just handout the invites and damn fret – Evan will think it’s awesome – and that’s all that matters.

    You’re so cute.

  6. E says:

    I think that first picture is my FAVORITE picture of Caroline.

  7. Fran says:


    These are kind of round…I have seen them in our local grocery stores pretty frequently. Good luck!

  8. Other Erin says:

    Going in the mail shortly. I thought the party was this weekend (oops) so keep them in the freezer or fridge until the day of the party.

    Also, can the theme be “things that are close to round?” Making perfectly round chocolates is hard.

  9. I don’t know if this counts as round candy, but that button candy on the paper would be cute and polka-dotty. Also, depending on what you wanted to put on the top of the skewers for the caprese salad sticks, it would be really cute with two round stickers stuck back to back. You could also make punch and put it in a bowl with an ice ring.

  10. raincheckmom says:

    Ice ring idea is very good!
    Target has some cute ice cream pops shaped like cylinders with multi- colored circles on the wrappers. Kinda cute but may be too messy.

    I can make melon balls when I come up…

  11. Cole says:

    Can’t wait to see pics! I want to have a Sesame Street 2nd birthday party, but Mommy plans to shamelessy steal all of your ideas for some future event…

  12. Denae says:

    What about italian soda for drinks. Its just flavored syrup and club soda (bubbles are round!) You could serve with cute stir sticks like cocktails. Easy peasy and fun.

  13. Leah says:

    The teeny little grin on the bottom pic is just keeeeeeling me! I am afraid I am useless on the round beverages front. I mean, kegs are round. So are wine casks buuuuut I doubt that’s really what you are looking for.

    I do like the round ice cubes or ice ring suggestions. If you do punch you can throw in some of the fruit balls from the salad for added roundness

  14. Kimberly says:

    I said it before, and I’m sure I’ll say it over and over: I am so happy that Evan is a few months older than JD! You’re a great motivator :)

  15. i think you need to give yourself a LOT more credit, lady – it looks like you’ve already done a ton of prep for the party! i think it’s going to be a completely adorable and fun bash and evan will be thrilled. :D

    a little “round” idea for ya? starbucks sells cake pops now in 3 different yummy flavors! they are like 7 bucks for a half-dozen, and i think they would look soooo cute (and round!) displayed in a little flower vase or something like that. (:

    oh, and if you want a fun & mess-free activity for the littles at the party, you could always get that crayola magic finger paint kit from target (the one where the paint is clear & only shows up on the special paper) and cut the paper into circles with each kid’s name on it.

    can’t wait to see/hear about how the party goes! seriously, you throw amazing parties and i’m positive this one will be no exception. can’t believe our kiddos are turning TWO! xoxoxo!

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