18 Months

Today Baby Evan is 1 AND A HALF, which means I am officially dropping the “Baby”. From now on he will just be Evan or Little Evan. Wish me luck.

The four weeks between 17 months and 18 months were the absolute fastest time of my entire life. I’m terrified that if things get any faster I will wake up tomorrow with Baby Evan standing next to my bed yelling “Mom, let’s go! I’m late for practice!!” We’re not too far off already, since just this week he stood at the baby gate in the kitchen and shouted “I WANT MAMA!!! MAAAAAMAAAAAA!!!!” because I dared to go upstairs and do laundry without him. (He still doesn’t say Mama any other time – just when he is Horribly Upset by how I am Mean.)(He says Dada all the time. He even recognizes the sound of Dada’s car pulling to the garage and starts shouting for him.)

And yet right now he is pantless, dragging one of his blankies around the family room, chugging milk and babbling and looking exactly like the adorable toddler he is. Twenty minutes from now I’ll probably be shouting at him to stop jumping on me and leave the dog alone and come back here with my cell phone and stop putting that power cord in your mouth and why why WHY won’t you listen to ANYTHING I say???? (As I was typing that he threw a remote at my face. Good times.)

Despite suffering from a severe case of early-onset terrible twos, 18 months is truly a super fun age. Evan loves people everywhere we go and they love him back. He plays well with others, especially older kids, and can entertain himself with a book or a toy long enough that I can make a sandwich or put away groceries. His favorite games include “help mommy sweep”, “help mommy unload the dishwasher”, “turn off the lights”, “slam the dryer door”, and “giving super wet raspberries on your face”. He’s still mostly uninterested in the TV but loves dancing to commercials – especially the iPad commercial with the piano music and the L.L. Bean commercial with the Big Rock Candy Mountain song.

He will try almost any food and eats whatever we’re having 85% of the time (the rest of the time he gets peanut butter sandwiches). He drinks so much milk I’ve started buying 4 half-gallons on ever grocery trip and STILL run out sometimes. He will tell us when he’s tired, asks to be put in the crib, sleeps through the night and (usually) takes 1 long afternoon nap.

When he is good, he is very very good. And when he is bad he is horrid. But I love him to itty bitty pieces.

18 Month Milestones (from Baby Center, as usual)

Mastered Skills (most kids can do)
• Will “read” board books on his own – Yes! Especially the Mr. Brown Can Moo! book. He makes adorable little noises for all the pictures.
Scribbles well – His preferred medium is chalk on furniture but when he gets it on the chalkboard he does a pretty good job. Crayons still end up in his mouth most of the time so we don’t do much coloring.

Emerging Skills (half of kids can do)
• Strings two words together in phrases – Besides “I want mommy!!” he mostly sticks to one word at a time, although if you count signs he can make whole sentences.
Brushes teeth with help – He loves his toothbrush so much he sleeps with it.
• Stacks four blocks – Why is block stacking such an important skillon this stupid chart? Evan mostly loses blocks but I did actually see him stack 3 the other day. On the closed toilet, but still. ARE YOU HAPPY NOW MILESTONE CHART?

Mastered Skills (a few kids can do)
Throws a ball overhand – Like a pro. His aim is shockingly good too.
• Takes toys apart and puts them back together – Most of his toys are only one part (ball, car, truck, book). He can take all the pots out of the cabinet and then put them back more neatly than I can. Does that count?
• Shows signs of toilet training readiness – He knows the sign for “potty” and will often tell us when he’s going, but is kind of afraid of the big person toilet even with the child seat. We figure the signing is good enough for now and will make things MUCH easier when we want to tackle potty training for real.

Happy 18 months Baby Evan!

Enjoying some apples with yogurt dip

Using one of my necklaces to make his doggie pretty

Exhausted after Daddy's hockey game - and holding his own stick

Exploring the backyard jungle

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12 Responses to “18 Months”

  1. Cole says:

    Wow – Evan is *smart!* I can’t even imagine learning how to do all of those things in the next 5 months – and Mommy is scared of how fast it will go!

  2. Other Erin says:

    Can I ask why you don’t buy 4 half gallons of milk instead of 2 gallons? Is this a mom thing I’m not allowed to know?

    • Other Erin says:

      Oops – why you buy 4 half gallons instead of 2 gallons.

      • bebehblog says:

        BJ’s & Stop & Shop sell the generic (organic) kind only in half-gallons. Which is stupid, because I WOULD buy gallons, plus whole organic milk has a shelf life of about a zillion years so it’s not like four gallons would go bad before we got to it.

  3. Amanda says:

    See and the block stacking was my bragging point for Maddie! We only had Jenga blocks in the house so we were thorougly impressed with her stacking them end to end.

    Don’t you just LOVE the Ikea plates? We have the plates, cups and bowls. Before we moved I went to get an extra set of each but the extra plates and bowls never made it to Virginia. Or I haven’t found them yet.

    I love the last picture of little Evan! His hair is so red!

    • bebehblog says:

      I bought a pack of those plates last Ikea trip and E rolled his eyes and acted like I was wasting money. On our trip this past weekend? He grabbed another pack. We have the silverware that matches!

  4. sarrible says:

    I think I will call him Short Evan. Since I anticipate he’ll be taller than I am in about, oh, six weeks. Phil was taller than I was when he was four and I was six. It was tragic.

  5. such a smart little nugget! love this post – can’t believe are BABIES are 1.5 year olds! aaacccckkkkkkk! is it indeed fun though. as long as the NEVER turn two. (nope, not happening. not ev & poppy. no WAY.)

    happy halfer, buddy!


  6. Shit, I guess this always means my nugget is going to be 18months soon. I always remember that when I read your posts.

    Milo is no where near ready for potty training like I was hoping! I tried a couple times and he’s just not there yet. We’ll try again maybe in a month.

    It’s nice to see that he tortures his dogggy, errr I mean loves his doggy like MJ does too. kid is obsessed with making our dog miserable.

  7. bellegourmande says:

    This gives me so much to look forward to! Thanks for always writing these. We are starting to really hit milestones (laughing! rolling over!) and while it’s exciting it also makes me sort of sad because it seems that time is going by soooo fast.

    He sure is a cutie. Love the red hair.

  8. I love love love that last picture!!! Great job…Also great job with the first 18 months!!! :)

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