14 weeks

I was waiting until after my OB appointment this morning to write a post because I was going to give you a very exciting Baby Sandy update. Apparently my pregnancy brain forgot that appointments between now and about 36 weeks are all incredibly boring and pretty much unnecessary. Besides the Big Giant Important Ultrasound on August 5th, I have pretty much nothing to report until I start having contractions. Sorry for my super normal, boring baby-baking.

The most exciting part of the whole visit was that I got to go BY MYSELF since my parents are visiting this week and Mom watched Baby Evan for me. Of course I forgot to bring a book, or my knitting, or even my phone so I didn’t get to take full advantage of a baby-free lap. The two screaming, running children terrorizing the waiting room didn’t help either – especially when one of them slammed full speed into my knee caps and I had to practically bite my tongue in half to stop myself from saying “NO. NO running in the doctor’s office! That is a POOR CHOICE.” But since the poorly behaved children weren’t MY poorly behaved children it was still a nice break.

My blood pressure is good (excellent, actually, super duper healthy low and TWO nurses commented on it), I’ve gained 5 lbs so far which I am extreme happy with since last time I gained 15 pounds between getting a positive test and my very first check-up at 5 week 6 days and my only goal for this time around is not be THE SIZE OF A HOUSE before the third trimester, and the baby’s heartbeat is very strong.

Speaking of the heartbeat, it was also fast (165 bpm) and the doctor said “That means it’s a girl.”

Ok, then she said that’s not necessarily true and might just be an old wives tale but she had at least a 50% chance of being right.

But that teeny tiniest of hints might just be enough motivation to start knitting a sweater out of this pink yarn I’ve had sitting in my drawer for months. Maybe.

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  1. Well, to reinforce the old wives tale Ivy had a really fast heartbeat when I was baking her. Although at one of the early ultrasounds (before 20 weeks) my Dr. said she thought it was a boy.

    And yay for all the healthy stuff – BP and weight gain!

  2. Meg says:

    Oooh, a girl would be nice! Then again, so would another boy. Are you hoping for another redhead? ‘Cause Baby E’s red hair is darling.

    • bebehblog says:

      Definitely love the redheaded bebehs, although I wouldn’t mind a little towhead either. Especially a little blonde girl mini-me.

  3. Katherine says:

    Yay for healthy mom and baby! Everly’s HB was slow in the beginning (enough to tell me my preg might not be viable…with a straight face and no emotion…I DIED) but then it quickly crept up and stayed high, always in the 170s.

    Good to hear you’re both doing well!

  4. Erin says:

    I just found your blog, so cute. I’m pregnant with my first and just found out it was a boy. His heartbeat was always fast 170 to mid 160s, then it dropped around 16 weeks. I hope you get whatever you’re hoping for!

  5. um, poppy’s heartbeat was 165 at that same appointment – JUST SAYIN *coughgirlcough*


    super happy to hear that all is delightfully boring and healthy – exactly what you want in early pregnancy!

    cheers mama!

  6. Emmie Bee says:

    Yeah both Tru & Hudson had lower heartbeats. 130’s and 140’s while Sawyers was always much higher- int the 160’s-170’s. Knit the sweater. Red headed baby girl in the hizzzzoussseeee. :)

    • bebehblog says:

      I just found my old ultrasound from Baby Evan and his heartbeat was 143!! That’s WAY lower. I’m not ready to call it yet but I am DEFINITELY looking at girl names seriously!!!

  7. mandy says:

    harper’s was 164!

  8. MKP says:

    Aw, yaaay. I’m dying to ask you your baby name but I want to be surprised but I can’t stand the idea that OTHER PEOPLE know and I DON’T know. I’ll let you know if one of me wins the argument.

    • bebehblog says:

      I sent you a message on The Twitter, since you are pretty much the last person in the interwebs to ask.

  9. You know I’m routing for a girl. For completely selfish reasons though. Just so I can buy your baby cute girl things. But if it is a boy I will be just as thrilled and you can just push the little dresses and ruffly things to the back of his closet :)

  10. E says:

    What don’t you people understand about “I BREED WARRIORS!!!!!!” WARRIORS!
    Although, if a girl does come, prepare for hypocrisy galore. “Why does Evan get to date at 16 and I have to wait until I’m 35?!?”
    “Because I said so.”
    This will not be good.

  11. Michelle says:

    I luhhhhhrrvved going to the doctor to see what kind of trash are allowed to make babies in the greater norwich area. It’s ALWAYS entertaining in that waiting room. When I went for my sugah’ test, there was an 19 y.o. in the lab with a super-new baby and a tshirt with no bra on who was completely soaked in the front with breast milk. When I say completely soaked, I literally mean from her boobs to the hem of the shirt. SOAKED. IN BREAST MILK. You can’t make this sh!t up!!

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