10 weeks

According to my fancy little animated counter, I am exactly 10 weeks pregnant today (only 210 days to go!). Apparently my body got the message because I woke up this morning with a belly. I can’t suck it in. It is still kind of squishy and the top layer is still definitely made of ice cream, pizza and bacon, but if you push on it you can feel my uterus. At least, I think that’s my uterus. It is definitely not my bladder, because that has suddenly shrunk to the size of a thimble and screams at me if I get more than 10 feet from a bathroom. Anything that’s too tight on my stomach makes me nauseous. At the fair this weekend every time I sat down I unbuttoned my pants. I actually feel sorry for you non-pregnant women who can’t order dessert because you ate all your pasta and your jeans are leaving a permanent line across your stomach. Once you’re pregnant you never have to button anything ever again!

Belly pictures will be posted soon. I can’t get my arm far enough away from myself to get a good picture so once E gets home I’m putting him to work.


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  1. J.D.Regent says:

    um, you are drop dead gorgeous and appear to be of a miniature size.

  2. J.D.Regent says:

    obvi that comment was meant for the post above. sorreees!

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