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A Little About A Lot Of Things

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

1. In my quest to wean Caroline, I actually counted the number of times a day she was nursing and realized it was only 5ish during the day and 2 or 3ish at night. (I know that SOUNDS like a lot but in my head she was still nursing every 2 hours so it was a nice surprise.) The first thing I did was cut her down to one night feeding, which amazingly only took one night of rocking instead of immediately shoving a boob in her mouth in my attempt to get back to bed ASAP. The next thing I’ve done is cut down the rest of our nursing sessions to one in the morning, one before nap and one before bed. I figure even if she doesn’t drop all of those before I leave they can easily be replaced with a cuddle and a cup or bottle of milk. My next goal is to drop the morning feeding this weekend, which means I’ll need to stay in bed until at least 11 am. The suffering I go through for my children.

2. The WORST part about trying to discipline my almost-3-year-old is how much it affects my 1-year-old.Yesterday we had to leave the mall right after Stroller Strides because Evan ran off into a store and wouldn’t come back. I had to be that mom I hate being, the one who shout-whispers and threatens and drags her kid around by his arm. And because I had told him he would lose his chance to play on the playground if he ran away I had to follow through and take them BOTH home. Caroline is still too little to be mad for long but I am upset she is missing out on something fun because her brother has forgotten how to understand English. It happens at home too, when I have to put Evan in time out and she loses her playmate or when I have to take away toys because he won’t share.

3. I am actually looking forward to my weigh in this week. I just need to avoid any carb-related binges between now and Thursday night. Sidenote – If you ever join Weight Watchers, DON’T weigh in at NIGHT. It’s like the total opposite of the first thing in the morning, right after you pee, totally naked weigh in 99% of America does. I swear if I was weighing in at 9 am instead I’d already be down another 5 lbs.

4. I am still obsessing over what tattoo I should get for Caroline. My Pinterest board is filling up with birds and lace but I still haven’t figured out how to make those relate to her. Denae’s idea of a “C” as a bracelet is awesome, although another wrist tattoo is kind of boring. Maybe I need 2 new ones. Or 3. Or a zillion.

5. One of the things I promised E I would do this year is look for a sponsor or sponsors for BlogHer. I am definitely going – New York is really close and I already bought a discounted ticket – but it would be nice if hanging out with my interweb friends didn’t end up costing $1000+ this time. I have absolutely no idea how to go about it and am intimidated by literally every aspect of trying to find one. On the OTHER HAND, if I can get a sponsor for BlogHer I might be able to convince E I should also go to The Blathering, which would be the most fantastic thing ever.

6. I saw a preview for a new show on Fox last night that had Keifer Sutherland on a cell phone talking about how they were RUNNING OUT OF TIME in his raspy voice and I cried a little – both because I miss 24 a crazy-pants amount and because JACK IS BACK Y’ALL. Ok, so he’s playing someone named Martin but whatevs. He will always be Jack. OHPLUSALSO, IMDB has a 24 movie listed in his credits. I have died and gone to man-bag heaven.