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Picture Frame Clothes Pin Photo Display

Thursday, June 9th, 2011

We have a severe case of AMPLIMC syndrome in this house: All My Pictures Live In My Computer. Even MORE embarrassing, even when I do manage to get them printed out they end up living in the protective sleeve for months (years. decades.) until I can find just the RIGHT frame and just the RIGHT mat and just the RIGHT place to hang them. But when you’re busy being as epically lazy as I strive to be it’s hard to remember to get all that done.

This Picture Frame Clothes Pin Photo Display fixed my problem:

Picture Frame Clothes Pin Photo Display

I was inspired by something I saw on Pinterest (here’s the blog post), but that version was way too complicated. Mine is an old glassless frame I pulled out of someone’s trash, a few pieces of ribbon I found in my craft box and some wooden clothespins left over from the nursery makeover. If you’re looking to add more of a personal touch to your project, custom enamel pins is a great idea. I used teeny tiny nails to secure the ribbon to the back of the frame and hung up pictures I got for free from Shutterfly during their mother’s day sale. Total cost: $3.17 for the shipping on the prints. It’s super easy to switch out the pics and I could totally change the mood of the board by using all fall pictures or all black and white pictures or all close-ups. I can also use it to display Caroline’s monthday photos all at once for her first birthday.

Update: I DID indeed use it for Caroline’s winter sparkle snowflake first birthday and it worked perfectly.

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