Caroline’s Sparkle Snowflake First Birthday

The Theme: Winter sparkle snowflake party, with glitter, pale pink and blue accents
The Location: The entire first floor of my house

This post is going to be HUGE, so if you have no interest at all in Caroline’s party please come back in a few days when it’s been bumped off the front page. I don’t want to put in a page break and have people think I’m trying to trick them into more page views. I get my page views the honest way – exploiting my children and friends!

The Decorations:

winter snowflake sparkle first birthday party

Dining room

Tree branch sprayed with snow-in-a-can

winter sparkle snowflake first birthday party crepe paper christmas trees

Ruffled crepe paper trees from this tutorial found on Pinterest

winter snowflake sparkle first birthday party

Living Room

winter sparkle snowflake first birthday party paper snowflakes

Snowflakes cut from printer paper (Google “snowflake templates” for ideas)

winter sparkle snowflake first birthday party photo dislplay

My clothes pin photo display re-purposed as Caroline’s year in photos display!

winter sparkle glitter snowflake first birthday party candles in mason jars

Epsom salt in mason jars to look like snow

winter sparkle snowflake first birthday party

Glitter play dough party favors (more details in this post), yarn wreath, mirror frosted with snow-in-a-can

winter sparkle snowflake first birthday party yarn wreath jingle bells

Yarn wreath, $1 picture frame ornament from Target

winter sparkle snowflake first birthday party chandelier

Chandelier decorated with dollar store garland & ornaments

winter sparkle snowflake first birthday party doily garland

Doily garland

high chair tutu winter sparkle snowflake first birthday party

The orange high chair didn’t match my theme, but a paper table cloth and a little tulle fixed it!

 winter wonderland sparkle snowflake first birthday party

Fake snow everywhere!

The Food:

winter sparkle snowflake first birthday party hot cocoa bar

Hot cocoa and cocktail bar – the Keurig made it SO EASY!

winter sparkle snowflake first birthday party hot cocoa bar

I bought every single Christmas mug at Goodwill

winter sparkle snowflake first birthday party hot cocoa bar

Mini marshmallows, egg nog, powdered sugar, crushed candy canes, vanilla syrup, pink sprinkles, whipped cream, coconut flakes. Also on the bar: dark and milk hot cocoa, cider, Bailey’s, vanilla vodka, coconut rum, peppermint schnapps, mini candy canes.

winter sparkle snowflake first birthday party hot cocoa bar

winter sparkle snowflake first birthday party food

winter sparkle snowflake first birthday party food

Cucumber sandwiches, candy cane blossoms, red peppers & dip

winter sparkle snowflake first birthday party food

Smoked salmon, dill & cream cheese on herb bread

winter sparkle snowflake first birthday party food

Cupcakes (from a box!), my favorite frosting, edible sugar paper snowflakes bought at Stop & Shop

winter sparkle snowflake first birthday party food

Sparkling cranberry brie bites. You know how sometimes you seen an idea on Pinterest and think “yeah, there’s no way that idea is going to be as awesome in real life”? This one was JUST AS AWESOME.

winter sparkle snowflake first birthday party food

Thumbprint cookies, gooey vanilla sparkle cookies, fruit & dip, sugar cookies, ginger cookies, mini pastas on sticks with vodka, marinara, and alfredo sauce.

winter sparkle snowflake first birthday party coconut snowballs

Coconut snowballs

winter sparkle snowflake first birthday party food

Cream cheese mints, lemon meringues

winter sparkle snowflake first birthday party food

The pasta on sticks was a great idea… for grown ups. Next time I’ll get less pointy things.

winter sparkle snowflake first birthday party snow men milk bottles

Milk bottle snow men. Not quiet as cute as on the interwebs, but still cute.

Lemon cake (more boxed mix!) tinted 3 shades of pink

1st Birthday winter snowflake sparkle party smash cake

Tiny cake baked in a tomato can, covered in sprinkles & topped with “Caroline” written in chocolate

1st Birthday winter snowflake sparkle party smash cake

1st Birthday winter snowflake sparkle party smash cake

Don’t even THINK about taking her cake away

The Fun:

Glitter play dough & cookie cutters on a kid-sized table

All the planned activities in the world can’t stop the kids from getting every toy out of the toy box

DIY pull string pinata (more here) was a hit, even though it didn’t work exactly as planned. I had to shake most of the candy out after the ribbon holding it up broke, but the kids didn’t care one little bit.

winter sparkle snowflake first birthday party DIY snowglobes

winter sparkle snowflake first birthday party DIY snowglobes

winter sparkle snowflake first birthday party DIY snowglobes

DIY snowglobes were cuter in theory than in reality. They were kind of leaky and some of the trees dyed the water purple and the glue was messy, but everyone went home with one!

Sharing strawberries with a friend

Refusing to wear her hair bow

Dance party!

These two are TROUBLE

Playing with Grandma

Somebody got a pony for her birthday! (She’s kind of scared of it though)

Family photos with two kids – there is ALWAYS someone not looking.

Holy crap, that was ridiculously long. I think I got all the links and recipes in there but if you’re looking for something let me know. My Pinterest board for the party (with most of the ideas I did use and some really good ones I didn’t get around to) can be found here.  I’m sorry most of the photos are terrible – it gets dark REALLY early here so I had to use the flash after the first 30 minutes of the party. It was definitely a great time and I know Caroline enjoyed herself. I hear everyone’s kids slept really well on Saturday night so I think they ran off all the sugar I pumped into them before they went home. Thank you to everyone who came and especially to my mother-in-law Carol who flew all the way from Ohio just to help me make the food and watch Little Evan for a few hours!

And Happy Birthday Caroline!

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46 Responses to “Caroline’s Sparkle Snowflake First Birthday”

  1. This is freakin’ amazing. And you look great.

  2. AnnaLe says:

    What an amazing event! I’m impressed that you pulled that together while getting ready for the holidays! The milk bottle snowmen were my favorite. :)

  3. Joanna says:

    I wish I could come to your parties! SO FUN.

  4. Robyn says:

    This makes me want ot move back to CT, just so I can go to the next party you throw! Happy Birthday Caroline!

  5. Amanda says:

    Ahhhmazing! Can you come decorate my house like a winter wonderland??? It looks like everything came out perfect!

  6. Shari says:

    PLEASEEEEE start a party planning business and share your genius with everyone!!

    Looks like an amazing party! So glad Caroline – and everyone – had such a fantastic time :)

  7. Audrey says:

    Awesome. I think I’m saving up my pretty parties for when the kids are older. Or I’m lazy. You put me to shame. You should write a ‘how to have an awesome birthday party on a budget’ book in a few years when you’ve got 10 birthday parties under your belt. I like round numbers. Start now so you don’t have to try to remember what the recipes were or how you did X or Y. ;)

    Also, also – I’m pretty sure the pink milk snowmen are team Slithering. They look a little evil.

  8. Erin says:

    WOW! It looks amazing!!! So sorry that we didn’t get to come to this one. Especially since you made thumbprint cookies. I hope Caroline is enjoying being one. Great job with yet another amazing party!!! :)

  9. TMae says:

    Please, can I come to your next party? You’re amazing! Did you hang some sort of flocked fabric in front of the lights in the dining room window so they would look a little ethereal?

  10. So amazing. And that first shot of the dessert table with the twinkle lights behind it? I may have squeed.

  11. Krista says:

    So freakin’ cute. Happy Birthday, baby girl!

    Now that you’re done with Caroline’s, I’m going to need some ideas for a baby boy who will be one sooner than I’m ready to admit. OK? Thanks!

  12. Megan says:

    It was an awesome party! All the kids had a blast and so did the parents. Those cranberry brie crackers are OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!!! I am already planning batches and batches of them for every event I can think of. I’m also in love with the gooey sparkly cookies! Thanks so very much for having us once again. You are inspiring!

  13. MKP says:

    You’re fantastic and now I am extremely hungry and also I want you to come make a party at my house. The theme will be things that start with M.

  14. DANG. Girl, you know how to throw a party!! I am in absolute awe that you made all that food. AWE, I tell you. I’m also headed to Pinterest to pin everything and attempt to recreate it for our NYE party. (Can I call you sobbing when I fail? I have no idea how you pulled all of that off!!)

  15. molly says:

    WOW! I am so impressed. Your party planning skills really are amazing. Everything looked perfect and so dreamy. Happy birthday to your sweet sweet Caroline!

  16. Swistle says:

    That was gorgeous. GORGEOUS. You make me want to throw parties. Actually, you make me want to attend YOUR parties. That looks like a lot of work. Is there a panic stage (OMG SO MUCH TO DO!) stage involved?

  17. FourInchHeels says:

    I see you stuck to your guns about not having a big birthday party :p

    I am in wonder and awe ……. everything was GORGEOUS! I bow down to your party throwing prowess – it’s remarkable.

  18. del says:

    What a gorgeous party for a gorgeous baby girl! Happy birthday Caroline.

  19. Brigid Keely says:

    This is all incredibly beautiful. Wow!

  20. LOVE it! LOVE it! LOVE it! Absolutely Gorg! I have decorating envy! =)

  21. barbra says:

    Wow. Ditto what everyone else said. The party looked amazing! My favorite photo? is the one of Caroline holding her cake protectly to herself. So so cute. You have one gorgeous family.

  22. Suzanne says:

    I’m speechless. And realizing now that I’d better get started on Sophie’s first birthday party planning … for May.

    Also: you are incredibly talented! Thanks for sharing all the links.


  23. Cole says:

    Sigh. You are Mommy’s hero. Also You are who she curses in her head when she’s planning *my* parties – you set the bar impossibly high!

  24. Leah says:

    This is why I don’t even try. This is astounding. Though the second milk bottle on the right looks positively sinister.

    Happy birthday Sweet Caroline!

  25. Sarah-Anne says:

    again, WHERE WERE YOU WHEN I WAS PLANNING MY SWEET 16?! you are the BEST party planner ever. hence all the capital letters.

  26. Carrie says:

    WOW. So stinkin’ cute. So what are you doing in July? Coming to Texas and planning my kid’s birthday party, right??

  27. seriously AMAZING party, my friend. you’ve definitely outdone yourself, in the best possible way! everything is incredible, especially the wonderful food and all the fun stuff for the kids to do! absolutely beautiful party. xoxoxo!

  28. Suz says:

    Happy birthday to Caroline. Looks like an awesome party.

    I’m not kidding when I say that I will fly you down for my babies 1st b-day party! You’re in charge of theme & decorations!!

  29. Londonmum says:

    Wowsers!! How on earth do you do it? What a beautiful party. I can’t believe you ever come up with ideas for how to make a high chair pretty. I second the book idea, seriously I’d buy it.
    And most importantly, happy birthday Caroline. She is such a cutie.

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  31. Hello! I’m so happy to see you liked the sparkling cranberry bites! Yay. Your part is absolutely gorgeous. xo Marina

  32. […] I DID indeed use it for Caroline’s winter sparkle snowflake first birthday and it worked […]

  33. Julie says:

    LOVE-ing this party! I just decided to do a winter/snowflake theme for my daughter Caroline’s 1st birthday next February, and your party is my favorite that I’ve found on Pinterest!!! My favorite parts of your party are the icicle lights, snowflakes over the mantel, and the food — yummy! Also, the doily garland is pure genius. Super cheap, but oh, so cute. I’ll be borrowing many of your ideas. (On a side note, I’m a little jealous of your two cute redheads. I’m a natural redhead and have 2 brunette daughters. Sigh.)

    • bebehblog says:

      You have a Caroline too? I hope she has a great birthday! So glad you like and were inspired by some of my ideas. I’m already planning this year’s Winter Fairy birthday, so be sure to check back after December 15th for a zillion pictures of that one too!

  34. April says:

    Your party pictures are beautiful! My 3rd baby girl (we call her our grand finale!) is also named Caroline! I decided to do a snowflake theme since her 1st birthday is Dec. 8 and wanted to stay away from Christmas colors. ABSOLUTELY LOVE your ideas!!! Thank you for taking the time to blog/post your creativity so that others can benefit! Well, you’re definitely going to my favorites folder!

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  36. Barbara Dower says:

    My twin grandchildren (boy girl) were nicknamed snowflakes in utero as they were due Christmas Eve. The name stuck and now its the snowflakes first birthday. We are getting great inspiration from your daughter’s party.thanks!

  37. KidsPartyWorld says:

    Everything looked like such a fairytale, especially all those lovely desserts. I loved the way everything was so well planned starting with all those great decorations, as well as the party activities. The highlight for me was the high chair decoration, what an inspired idea!

  38. jo says:

    LOVE your parquet flooring never mind the amazing party ideas! Thanks for sharing x

  39. Molly says:

    what did you use for the fake snow? and how did you make it look full and fluffy?

    • bebehblog says:

      The fluffy fake snow is just cotton stuffing like you buy at the craft store to put in quilts or pillows that I fluffed up. The fake snow in the jars is Epsom salt.

  40. Caitlyn says:

    Um, I need to throw this exact same party for my daughter in January. THANK YOU for all the ideas!

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