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If Someone Pays You Money For It You’re A Professional, Right?

Monday, July 9th, 2012

That title makes me sound sort of like a hooker, but I assure you that is NOT what I’m selling.

A few weeks ago I had a tiny brush with (internet) fame on Twitter when Alli Worthington asked if anyone wanted to share photo-heavy posts with her and I sent her a link to my How To Make Sorbet Out Of Juice recipe. The stars must have been aligned or something, because not only did she say she liked my photos, she invited me to join PichaGlobal, a stock photography site where you can sell photos to…uh…I have no idea. People who need photos of stuff, I guess.

APPARENTLY, people need photos of stuff like this:


Because I sold it! Someone paid me money for a picture I took! I’m official! I made a whole…40 cents. But if you happen to see if floating around the internet you can say “HEY I KNOW WHO TOOK THAT!”

Ok, so I’m not going to make a zillion dollars off my pictures of leaves or sunsets on the beach or lily-pads or whatever other random shots I take in between photos of the kids. But nature holds still a lot better than they do and I love practicing with my camera and even though I have NO illusions of becoming an actual professional photographer it’s nice to be liked.

Right now, Picha is still in beta but I (think) they’re working on opening it up and you can definitely fill out the interest form. I hope so, because it would be a great way for bloggers to find photos to add to their just-words posts (to make them pin-able! be the next viral hit!) at really low cost (although you can set your prices at whatever you want) and for casual photographers like me to share their pictures and feel momentarily awesome.

(This post is not sponsored, just super braggy and show-offy on my part.)