She’s Having a Baby

Not right now, but probably before the weekend is over. My blood pressure was still high today, combined with some elevated numbers for my liver function (I should really pay more attention to WHAT exactly those numbers are and/or mean, right? But when the doctor is frowning at me my brain goes blank) means my OB was concerned enough to send me up for a couple of hours of monitoring in L&D. I have absolutely no other symptoms of pre-eclampsia – no swelling, no headaches, no blurred vision, no protein in my urine – and my blood pressure STILL isn’t quite high enough to be official pre-e (at least according to Wikipedia) so I managed to talk them into letting me out of labor & delivery tonight. If there was a record speed for getting your pants on, I totally broke it on my way out the door.

As long as I keep feeling fine, I’m free until 5 pm tomorrow, at which point they’re starting my induction.

That’s right, I said 5 PM TOMORROW. SATURDAY. Which might even be TODAY by the time you read this. SOON. My mind is having some trouble processing this time frame, in the same way my mind would have trouble processing the entire room turning upside down and all the furniture sticking to the ceiling.

The baby, for the record, looks FINE and still doesn’t care that her mama might be sick. Girls, I tell ya, trouble right from the start.

But now I have approximately 22 hours to finish up my Super Important List Of Things To Do Before The Baby Comes, including getting these boxes of Goodwill donations out of my kitchen, organizing baby clothes, finishing the nursery and picking my mom up from the train station. Because I CANNOT have this baby until she gets back, despite the amazing collection of frozen meals now filling our basement freezer thanks to my awesome friends from Stroller Strides and E being on stand down from work. I need my mom here to feel prepared and relaxed and calm and all of the good things one should feel when bringing a new life into the world. I’m already nervous enough just hearing the words “induction” and “pre-eclampsia”, I don’t need to feel overwhelmed by the huge pile of unwashed laundry and the dirty bathrooms and the fact that I STILL haven’t been to the grocery store since I was sick. E is helpful and all but really? His idea of a clean house means you can walk from the front to the back without tripping. Mom understands CLEAN.

So, internets, wish me luck for Saturday night/Sunday. And no more guesses in the birthday pool, since it looks like the weekend is for sure. But the 19th is my mother-in-law’s birthday and also the day E and I got engaged 7 years ago so not a bad day to have a baby overall. If you want to follow along on Twitter I’ll be over there as much as I can & you don’t need to have an account. Just look at my page here and try to focus on the tweets that don’t have an “@” somebody in front of them, since you’ll only see half the conversation. That is, if you’re interested in live birth updates. If not, come back Monday or Tuesday for fresh-baked bebeh pictures.

P.S. I would really appreciate happy, it-wasn’t-so-bad induction comments since the majority of the stories I’ve heard are not so good. Even with the drugs everyone’s labor seems REALLY long and hard – not to mention my mom’s induced labor with me which was long & hard and DIDN’T involve drugs.

P. P.S. I thought I had more time to ask for these, but if anyone would be willing to write & share their own birth stories while I take a few days off that would be awesome. You can be a blogger or not a blogger or have it written already and send me a link or write it now or write it in the next two days. Just send me an email at so I can post it here. It doesn’t have to be rainbows and butterflies or involve meadows and wheat fields (although if it does PLEASE sent it), I just want to hear your story and take a few days off to, you know, give birth myself. And everybody loves a birth story.

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  1. Susan says:

    I was induced due to HBP at 38 weeks and it was not bad at all. I went in and got hooked up to everything, had a Foley catheter placed and waited for 2 hours. Once I was at a 4 and the bulb fell out I had pitocin and they broke my water. 2 hours later I was fully dilated and ready to push. 10 hours total :) Good luck!

  2. TMae says:

    Bring on the bebeh!!! Holding you in my thoughts. You’ll kick ass!

  3. Carrie says:

    How exciting that baby sandy is almost here!!!!

    I had pre-eclampsia with Peyton. It was particularly scary for me because I already have a seizure disorder so I was at an even higher risk than the typical pre-eclamptic patient. I was a week late and was going to be induced the next day when I woke up in the middle of the night and was stumbling all over, blurred vision, etc. I’d been super swollen for a while but didn’t have the really high blood pressure or protein in the urine so my OB wasn’t concerned.

    Induction wasn’t bad at all and from when I started really feeling contractions (thanks Pitocin!) until Peyton was born was a total of about 4 hours. Best of all, my epidural failed but no one believed me (hello! I could feel my legs!) so I did it all natural. Not the fault of the induction method, but rather the hasty anesthesiologist who wanted to get home in time to watch the MLB All Star game. Jerk

    Anyway, happy thoughts of a wonderful birth are being sent your way! I’m so glad you’ll have your mom there with you! Looking forward to seeing pictures!

  4. Jenn says:

    I began having contractions with my first (didn’t know it) and was supposed to be fully induced anyway (stuff for the cervix and pitocin), so they just gave me the pitocin. Easy birth, pushed out in twenty minutes. The contractions weren’t that bad to me at all.
    Second baby, water broke, no contractions started. Again, a little pitocin just to get things started, and then a fast, easy labor (again, not bad contractions at all), 5 minutes of pushing.
    Third baby, no need for any sort of meds during labor, pitocin afterwards due to bleeding issue/uterus being mean.
    I really think it’s all in the mindset. Contractions are never comfortable, but they do end. And then you have a baby in your arms.
    There’s some sunshine for you. I’ve never had a bad birthing experience. I actually like it (hit me).
    You are in my thoughts and prayers this weekend…mostly because of your to-do list, but about the baby, too ;-P. Good luck. You’ll do great, and I can’t wait to see her beautiful pictures.

  5. C says:

    I was includes at 38w6d due to early early signs of pre-E. Basically the doctors/nurses said it wasn’t doing the baby any favours to stay in any longer and it was not great on my body to keep me pregnant, so best to get baby out.. but not so rushed that there was any need to perform a c-section right away or anything. A similar situation to yours, it sounds like, in that the induction is necessary but there’s no need to be super worried at this point.
    I had magnesium sulfate, which they might give you, to ensure I didn’t have a seizure – I’ve heard varying things about it, and some people feel terrible flu-like symptoms but I didn’t really get it too badly. I was sort of out of it/in shock the whole time anyway because it was my 1st baby, didnt know the sex, wasn’t thinking I’d be delivering at 39weeks, etc.
    I got my epidural early because they don’t like people with elevated blood pressure to be in much pain since it can aggravate it. Some slight effects from the epidural (itchiness, chills) but no horror stories of puking or anything.
    Induction started at 6am on the Sunday (38w6d) and I started pushing at Monday 9am. Overnight was rough because they came in to check blood pressure every 30 mins overnight – they kept telling me to sleep and rest for pushing, but hello.. blood pressure thing around my arm tightening every 30 mins isn’t easy to sleep through. They’d check urine too but with the cathater in I didn’t notice.
    Pushing from 9am to 11:59am when he was born was hard, as he didn’t want to descend. They kept talking c-section but I was FREAKED so I let them let me push as long as baby’s vitals were OK. With the help of the vaccuum and an episiotomy, he was born vaginally.
    We had to stay in the labour room for 3+ hours b/c I was still on the magnesium sulfate – and my blood pressure dropped REALLY low after I delivered, so they put me on oxygen but I think that was from blood loss, seeing my husband’s face as he watched the episiotomy (he was in rough shape) and general exhaustion.
    Once we were moved to our post-partum ward everything was fine – they checked in on me every few hours with blood pressure checks but other than that we were discharged on the Wednesday at noon (48 hrs after birth).

    GOOD LUCK! I’ll be checking back for details and I’m wishing you all the best!

  6. Amy says:

    I had hb too, Suzanne, and two days late. Induced. If they can break your water to induce labor, try that route before going to the pitocin. It was evil to me, but everybody is different. Good luck, sweetie. Can’t wait to hear the news!!

  7. Leah says:

    The worst thing I can say about induction was that it was horribly boring. Of course they hooked me up to an IV of antibiotics before they even started the pitocin so I was in there longer than most. Then they had to back off the pitocin because the contractions were too strong. So, being trapped in a bed, tied to and IV is boring but not unbearable. Just bring stuff to do.

    Also, you get back to that hospital right now and get induced so I can win the pool!

  8. Alena says:

    Remember, much like normal labor…everyone has a different induction experience. Just because Josane (made that up yep I did) had a horrible time…doesn’t mean everyone does. Andplusalso? People with good ones rarely talk about it.

    Good luck! I can’t wait to see her!

  9. jill says:

    !!!!!!!!! im so excited baby caroline (if thats her real name! haha) will be here so soon! its gotta happen sometime, right? i dont know if u read my tweet but i was going thu the same thing with corbin at 38 weeks. i went to my check up and they sent me to l&d becuase my whatever levels were higher than before along with high blood pressure! we had to have ryans parents rummage around our house for everything we needed and bring it to us. i was already 80% effaced and three cm dialated too. i never describe my birth as painful as much as i think it was more hard work than anything. i do go drug free though. you can totally do this! you’ve done it before! im so excited/nervous/anxious/happy for you! with you? YOUR GOING TO BE HOLDING YOUR BABY GIRL SOON!!!!!!!

  10. Abby says:

    I was induced with my second, and while it wasn’t maybe the best “magical-with-glitter-and-unicorns” experience, it certainly wasn’t BAD. Like someone else said, mostly just boring. The worst part for me was when they started throwing around the C-section word when the pitocin wasn’t quite getting me dilated all the way as wuickly as it should have. BUT! It all worked out, and it wasn’t nearly as bad as the stories on the internet make it out to be. Good luck!

  11. Mer says:

    The elevated liver enzymes and borderline bp can be early signs of HELLP Syndrome – preeclampsia’s lesser-known bastard cousin. It usually accompanies pe, but can happen on it’s own. That’s why they’re concerned about the liver enzymes – its sign that your liver is getting stressed out. And if it gets too stressed out, it fails, blood stops clotting, and then your kidneys and other organs jump on the bandwagon. It’s rare that it gets that far (less than 1% of pregnancies do) because they catch the signs and deliver – but when it goes too far it has a very high mortality rate. That’s why doctors get twitchy about liver function (I had HELLP & PE with both of my pregnancies – hence the knowitall horror information).

    Everyone I know who had inductions said they were nit as bad as everyone makes them out to be. My 2 best friends who had normal first deliveries and were induced the second time thought the inductions were easier! EASIER!

  12. Audrey says:

    I think it’s rad you’re getting induced 2 months to the date after I did. Hopefully your baby won’t take 22 hours of induced labor to get here, though. :D

  13. Swistle says:


  14. Natalie says:

    I was induced with BOTH of my girls. For the most part it was b/c they thought that the babies were pretty big and the risks of c-section was greater if we waited it out than if we went ahead and induced. I do not know how a “natural” labor progresses, but the Doctor broke my water, they gave me pitocin, got an epidural when the contractions started becoming a little too intense (b/c you can’t get out of bed to walk around or help with labor when they give you the pitocin, for cripes sake, GET THE EPIDURAL)and 4 hours and 47 minutes later I had Olivia.
    With Sophia, it took 3 hours and 37 minutes.

    You can read about the birth stories (well, they are not as epic and long as some I’ve seen, but you can get the idea)

    Best of luck Suzanne, I’m putting all of my happy thoughts and vibes out to you right now for a happy, speedy and safe delivery!

  15. bellegourmande says:

    No stories about induction or pre-eclampsia, but just sending all my best wishes and excitement for you that this goes smoothly! I am so excited for you and wish I lived closer so I could add to your stockpile of frozen meals!

    In my totally non-medical opinion, since this is baby #2 you’re going to be fine. My MIL was induced with her second baby and it all went very, very well. Can’t wait to see pics of fresh-baked baby girl. I’ll be following along on Twitter.

    Ellis and I are cheering you on. Yea Suzanne! Yea baby girl! Merry Christmas!

  16. Ashley R says:

    Keeping you in thoughts! How exciting! I ended up being told they were going to induce me at 39 weeks because I had taken in alot of fluid and was pre-pe. However. Miss Elsie decided to make her appearance three days early. So sometimes, despite best laid plans, it is all about chance. Oh and I had no problem with the drugs (I had pitocin due to my cardiologist wanting my heart not to become too stressed with a long labor). Good Luck!

  17. Joanna says:

    I was induced at 40 weeks, 1 day with Madison and it was not horrible. Pitocin started about 6:30 a.m. They broke my water at noon, I got the epidural about 2 and I had Madison at 8:30. The epidural did stall my dilation a bit so they had to put me in some funky positions with the stirrups to allow gravity to help but it all worked out and I had an easy and pain-free delivery. I won’t lie, the contractions on pitocin were intense but I don’t know any differently, they could be just like reg. contractions and I was a wuss. Either way once I got my BFF epidural, life was grand.

  18. Lalaland13 says:

    Sending you Internet hugs and good thoughts! The 19th sounds like a lovely day to have a kid (or the 18th if things go super fast). Hey, it’s the same day in 2001 that a record high barometic pressure was recorded! In Mongolia! If that’s not a sign, I don’t know what is.

    I’m really glad the doctors are keeping such a close eye on you, and glad your momma will be there to help out-my mom makes everything better, too. If I were having a baby (heck, if I were having a particularly bad dental procedure) there’s no one I’d want to be there more.

    And hey, you can tell Baby C that she’s been causing you high blood pressure from even before she was born! And you will all definitely be hope for Christmas and it’ll be an awesome Christmas with your lovely husband and two wonderful and healthy kiddos.

  19. Suz B says:

    Yay bebeh will be here soon! Good luck~ hope things go swiftly & easily for you. Can’t wait to see Baby Sandy photos & an official name announcement!

  20. MKP says:

    GOOD VIBES AND HAPPY THOUGHTS!!! I can’t wait to meet lil Baby Girl Davis and see the whole happy family in still more ludicrously adorable pictures. So. Breathe deep and we’re all excited for youse :)

  21. Eileen says:

    Sending happy thoughts. I went into labor naturally, however it may have been a bit of prelabor, but when I went in I had pre-e. If you can avoid the mag sulfate, do, but it’s important if proteins show up. I had borderline bp the whole third tri, but it didn’t go full blown pre-e till contractions caused nausea (and what comes with that) and then I got dehydrated. So keep hydrated too.

    They gave me pit to speed things up because of the pre-e (and the mag sulfate which is ironically given to those in preterm labor to stop contractions), and it wasn’t horrible. I did end up with an epi though.

    You’ll do great, I’m sure of it!

  22. Barbra says:

    Wahoo!!!! Good Luck! I’m sure everything will be just swell! Can’t wait to see pics of the new bebeh! Yay!!

  23. Emmie Bee says:

    I have no induction story since I was planned c’s both times but I think you’ll do great & in the end you’ll have a beautiful happy healthy little girl!! Love you! <3

  24. Amanda says:

    Good luck lady! Hope we get to see you and the whole family this week!

  25. APRIL says:

    Trevor was 3 weeks early by induction. I went in at 7 am, was hooked up to the pit by 9 and LAUGHED Trevor out at 5:30! It was a BEAUTIFUL experience! My mom, sister and husband were all with me and we all went from laughing (Rick told the story about my BM from when I had M!) to crying tears of joy – the nurse and OB were also crying. It was a very calm, joyous, beautiful experience. It was easy – we sat around an watched movies. The hardest part was the actual epidural – took her 30 minutes. It was the only complication I had. If I would not have been hooked up tot he pit I would have ried not to get an epi but the contractions were right on top of eachother (for a very short time – until the Epidural arrived) the most artificial pain free happiest moments on our life – and I honestly feel that by being induced as a Military wife we were able to have our family drive in from 900 miles away, get settles, and care for our oldest while I could exclusively focus on giving birth knowing M was in the BEST hands!!
    Good Luck I am sooo excited to meet her!

  26. Krista says:

    I was induced at 41 weeks and was scared. to. death. I had only heard really bad things about people who had been induced. Mine? Was fantastic. The contractions were hard and all, but I got the EPI after a couple of hours(my hospital didn’t make me wait until I was 4 or 5 cm since they weren’t letting me leave without a baby). And about an hour after the EPI, the told me I could push. Because I couldn’t feel anything, pushing didn’t really work, so I napped for an hour, woke up, pushed for 20 minutes and had a baby. Start to finish it took less than 8 hours.
    Good luck. You are going to do great. & I can’t wait to see pictures of your beautiful little girl!
    Aww, dammit… I’m gonna cry. Bye!

  27. Megan says:

    Happy butterfly thoughts to you! Stay calm and know that you are a strong Mama! I am so very excited for you and can’t wait to meet Sweet Caroline! You really CAN do this. It will all get done and just think, this means a happy, peaceful Christmas with your new expanded family. :) Really, best of luck and know we are sending you super strong thoughts!

  28. Sarah says:

    I think I’ve already told you this, but I had a really great induction experience with Josie, at the same hospital and dr practice as you. Like Trevor, she was laughed out in 4 pushes. Sounds like you are already there getting things going – you’re in my thoughts tonight. So excited for you!!!

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