Not Rich Kids Of Instagram #nrkoi

Have you seen Rich Kids of Instagram?
It’s a good way to feel pretty bad about your life pretty fast.

As a remedy for all that excess and consumption on this lovely Friday, I present:
Not Rich Kids Of Instagram.

Not Rich Kids of Instagram

Drinking the good stuff til we pass out #organicwholemilk #naps #nrkoi

Not Rich Kids of Instagram

Private helipad #NDB #helicopter #nrkoi

Not Rich Kids of Instagram

Just chillin’ at my crib #private #exclusive #newengland #rkoi

Not Rich Kids of Instagram

The ride #dodge #seatsseven #privatechauffer #nrkoi

Not Rich Kids of Instagram

Big spender! Check out my reusable bag discount, y’all. #hardcore #green #stopandshop #nrkoi

I didn’t actually upload these to Instagram but if you want to follow along on our Not Rich Kid adventures I plan to post more on our super exclusive and fancy ferry boat private yacht trip to Long Island The Hamptons and our brush with Elmo famous celebrities this weekend. I’m “bebehblog” on Instagram or you can see my photos on webstagram or Flickr!

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3 Responses to “Not Rich Kids Of Instagram #nrkoi”

  1. Jess Judkins says:

    ha yes I’ve seen the blog and I actually peaked over at some of the user names on the blog to see if they were really the rich kids or some kid trying to pretend he was cool by standing next to the ferrari dealership car for a photo op. But they are the rich kids…. I never had a personal helicopter and I grew up in new england! we were lucky if my parents didn’t pick us up from school in their pov car (ghetto gold color car that my dad jokingly called our pov car/aka poverty car)

  2. Jessica says:

    So I’ve been stalking *ahem* reading your blog for awhile now and I rarely comment but I just had to say today… that picture of C in her crib? When did she become a BIG girl?!

  3. raincheckmom says:

    Caroline in her sunglasses by her classy ride cracks me up!

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