My Week(100) in iPhone Photos

This might have been one of the most fun weeks ever. Or maybe my memory is skewed by the super fun day we had on Saturday. Also, HOLY COW, I’ve been doing this for one hundred weeks. 700 days. That’s a lot of iPhoning.


Caroline thinks perhaps this is not a good idea.

Proud to be a big brother, especially when his sister’s napping and he doesn’t have to deal with her.

She thinks the fake doll juice is HILARIOUS.


Adorable child is adorable.

When do they turn into drooling messes instead of tiny angels when they sleep?

Preschool open house reveals Mommy definitely picked a fancier family photo than any of the other moms.


If the iPad app is educational, I don’t have to feel bad about sleeping in for 30 minutes, right?

I believe that is called “nom nom nomming”

My 3 year old is a monster.


My children are so attractive.

Gymnastics prodigy



I think this is love, not attempted murder.

Big boy haircut was a mistake. (I WANT MY BAYBEEEE BACK)

No, SERIOUSLY, when do I start worrying my kids might murder someone?


Picking up brother from school-face.

Shut up, the Tinkerbell movies are awesome.

Daddy cuddles in a tiny bed


Grand Central Station is Grand.

Chilling out at Playdate In The City

Hiding from the paparazzi at Whole Foods.

It turns out taking 2 kids into NYC is a little bit exhausting, so I spent all of Sunday recovering. Also, someone smashed in my car window to steal my crappy $120 GPS from the train parking lot in New Haven, so I had a teeny tiny little breakdown trying to figure out how to handle it (answer: fill out paperwork for lot attendant, brush glass off seat, drive home with the heat blasting). I’m hoping it doesn’t rain until I can get it fixed. But BESIDES that, the week was all super awesome, so it’s easy to feel very glass-half-full. They didn’t steal the car! Or the car seats! Or any of the other stuff! My kids are adorable and everyone agrees! I really love my life.

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4 Responses to “My Week(100) in iPhone Photos”

  1. sarrible says:

    I am HORRIFIED that someone broke your window and stole your GPS. New Haven is a hole.

    On the other hand, Caroline’s expression in that apple box is AMAZING. She also looks pretty cute in my sunglasses.

  2. MommaExpat says:

    This happened to my friends.. Sarrible is a right, New Haven is a hole. But Bridgeport is an even bigger hole. The plaid outfit is adorable!

    • bebehblog says:

      I pretty much avoid the whole western half of the state. I was extremely annoyed at driving through the Yale campus with my broken window imagining one of those rich kids buying my stolen GPS off a guy on the corner.

  3. Betsy says:

    Ugh, so sorry about the car being broken into. But, on a happier note, I TOTALLY agree with you about the Tinkerbell movies! I am not ashamed that I watch them more for me, than my two-year-old. LOL.

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