If there’s ever a Whining Olympics, I’ll bring home the gold

I’ve been spending a lot of time lately writing two paragraph blog posts in my head and then promptly forgetting them. It’s mostly due to the fact that I’m doing all my brainstorming in the middle of the night when I a) can’t fall asleep to begin with or b) can’t fall BACK asleep after waking up for no apparent reason. This pregnancy is doing weird weird things to my internal clock and thermometer and electrical system and pretty much any other part of me that could be compared to something mechanical. When the weather changed suddenly last week and the barometric pressure went way down (or up or lopsided or whatever it is that happens when it goes from mild and humid to clear and cool) I woke up twitching from head to toe feeling like my skin was trying to crawl off my body. It was rather unpleasant. And not at all conducive to sleeping. So I stay up too late and toss and turn all night and then totally crash during Baby Evan’s nap time which means I stay up even later the next night and get even less sleep and am more exhausted so the vicious cycle continues forever and ever amen.

I felt the same way last pregnancy, only then I wasn’t chasing a toddler around all day so napping wasn’t really a problem so much as a glorious, wonderful way of life. I’m hoping if I can make it through the rest of this week sans nap and with a 10 pm bedtime my body will readjust and I can start stocking up on zzzzz’s while I still can – that number on my pregnancy ticker ain’t getting any bigger and it has DEFINITELY not been long enough since I had an infant around that I’ve forgotten what that’s like. Ugh.

My exhaustion is making every other little tiny annoyance in my life seem like a Huge Deal this week, which is just making it harder for me to relax. Huge Deal #1 is that I’m still laptopless after almost a month because we’re still deciding if we can afford to buy E a new computer or if I should just buy ANOTHER power cord for my clearly defective yet much beloved HP. So we’re “sharing” one laptop, and by “sharing” I mean I’m currently up writing blog posts at 1:20 am because it’s pretty much the only time of day E isn’t involved in some vitally important online game that he tries to guilt trip me into not nagging him about by claiming he’s “spending time” with his brother and his dad. To which I say: THAT’S WHAT PHONES ARE FOR. Because, obviously, I NEED to get online to comment on all my internet friends’ blogs and whine about things on my own. Priorities, people.

Huge Deal #2 is more bullshit with one of our worst purchases ever – E’s Jeep Grand Cherokee. Go ahead, Google “problem with my 2004 Jeep” and come back in 12 hours when you finish reading eight bazillionty forum posts about stupid problems like windshield wipers that don’t work and cruise control that fails every time it rains and the ridiculous trash they call the “heating system” but I’m pretty sure is just a hamster on a wheel working a little fan that costs $1000 every time we have to have it replaced. Which has been twice. So far. But most ridiculous of all is the windows that simply FALL INTO THE DOOR at random times and then can’t be fixed without taken the entire panel apart. It’s because some genius made the little piece that holds up the electric window out of cheap ass plastic. So the piece itself costs like $7 but the work costs $500 plus two days of being a single car family in an area that does not lend itself to single-car-ness. Did I mention this is at LEAST the second time we’ve had the window fall? I’m pretty sure it’s happened to both the driver’s and passenger’s windows once before but E thinks this is the first time on the driver’s side. He’s been driving the Jeep around with the window down for weeks now rather than getting it fixed (I think we were both secretly hoping it would just sort of…self-heal or something).  I could complain about this for another fifty years (I hate our dealership! Taking my car to work is a HUGE pain for E because of security! Being housebound with a toddler in the rain is the 8th circle of hell!) but let’s just sum up by saying the weather report for the rest of the week is so grim we’re going to bite the bullet and take the Jeep in for repairs today so I’ll be Mr. Grumpy Pants for the next few days. 8th circle of hell here I come.

Huge Deal #3 is..oh nevermind. Whatever. Let’s just say I’m annoyed at myself and annoyed at the world and annoyed at my husband and pretty much nothing is going to change that right now besides a good night’s sleep and a day without being smacked in the face by my child. And maybe a few hours of peace to get the house clean so I can stop feeling like I’m YEARS behind on my to-do list. I’d settle for weeks. The best case scenario is days. I’m exhausted already just thinking about it.

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7 Responses to “If there’s ever a Whining Olympics, I’ll bring home the gold”

  1. andrea says:

    I’ve also been feeling like I have a grey cloud following me everywhere lately. I wish there was something I could say other than “hang in there”!
    Love you xxo

  2. TMae says:

    Ugh. I get like this every month. Thanks PMS!

    And I seriously hate car stuff. HATE IT. (Keep in mind I didn’t hate car stuff when there was me and my car. My husband is really freaking hard on cars and every damn time I get in whichever one he’s been driving there is something new wrong with it.)

    It’ll get better. Eventually…

  3. Krista T says:

    Hey, I don’t know where you’re currently going for a dealership, and I think it’s kinda far for you, but Valenti in Mystic always treated us well! And *hug* for all your whines. ;)

  4. bellegourmande says:

    Sometimes it’s ok to be whiny. I think I need to write out my own list of complaints. It probably would help me focus on what my damage is instead of just feeling nebulous dissatisfaction.

    Is just getting rid of the jeep an option?

  5. Cole says:

    The rain probably does NOT help – Mommy always jokes that she is solar powered. I hope some napping and some sunshine show up soon to help you feel better!

  6. My first car was a 1997 Jeep Cherokee (it was already 10 years old by the time I oh-so-luckily got it) and I had the SAME PROBLEM! You’d go to put the windows down and *terrifying screech and crash* the window is lying lopsided in the panel and the motor makes a whimpering sound when you try and put it back up.

    It’s okay to be whiny, especially when you have a toddler, a baby on the way, and no foreseeable regular sleep schedule!

  7. brigidkeely says:

    When I had terrible insomnia while pregnant, my APN advised me to take Benedryl. Actually, she advised Benedryl for pretty much everything I complained about. Problem? Benedryl has never made me sleepy, ever. WHATEVER MEDICATION.

    We have a… 2004?… VW Jetta that apparently has the same curse as your Jeep, only we also had someone (probably an oil change place) break an interior sealer thing causing the AC to short out. The car needs so much damn work and we do not have the money for it. Luckily, Nesko feels handy enough to tackle most of it himself, so we’re just out for the part. The driver’s side window did fall into the door once, but that seems to have fixed itself, and it hasn’t fallen again in the past several years (knock on wood) and all he did to “fix” it was grab it with his fingers before it fell all the way in and force it back into the track. But, yeah, that’s a “known issue” on his car, and one that isn’t subject to recall for some reason. The passenger seat is supposed to be heated, but that hasn’t worked in years, and damn but it gets cold in the winter now. :C In other words, I feel your pain.

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