I guess I would need a manger

Although Baby Evan is named after his father (and grandfather), I couldn’t stop myself from picking out a few other possible names for boy children during my first pregnancy. Luckily, we don’t have a legacy to continue this time so I get to maybe use some of those choices. I’ve got a list a mile long for possible girl names but E and I have actually almost settled on another boy name – two names from my side of the family, one from my mom’s side and one from my dad’s.

Unfortunately, these two names would give Baby 2 some rather unfortunate initials. I mean, not unfortunate like A.S.S. or G.A.Y. or even D.U.M. but they almost spell something. Think of a specific type of hallucinogenic drug popular among dirty hippies during the 60’s.

There are two ways around this. One, we just name the baby what we want. How often does a guy use their initials for something? I don’t know the middle names of almost ANYONE I went to school with, except for the people who used them as their first names. Plus I don’t think these initials are terrible enough to really matter.

Our second option is just to add a second middle name. It breaks up the initials and gives him something a little bit special, which might be nice since Baby Evan has that annoying III after his name. My only problem is I really like the way the first two names sound and haven’t come up with another one I like as much.

At least, I hadn’t until my mother emailed me last week.

If you’re due Christmas day, she said, then I know how to solve the problem with the boy-name initials…

… His name should be Firstname Middlename Jesus Davis.


And amen.

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9 Responses to “I guess I would need a manger”

  1. Here are my suggestions:

    Firstname Middlename Nicholas Davis (for St. Nicholas)

    Firstname Middlename Rudolph Davis (for obvious – especially if he is born with a pretty red nose)


    Firstname Middlename Maidenname Davis

    But I think the name is really good just how it is and it’s not like it will spell FART or ASS so I wouldn’t worry about it.

  2. MKP says:

    As someone who does use her middle initial to differentiate from about 8 other MyExact Names out there, but whose brother’s initials are TP… I vote for an assortment of names that looks good when you write it out in cursive. My brother managed to own the TP nickname (and his full initials are TMP), and I really like the flexibility of being M. Kay Mylastname, Myname K. Mylastname etc.

  3. Audrey says:

    lol! We’re stumped on a middle name for a boy but I’m pretty sure we’re going to go with Benjamin – which has absolutely no affiliation with either of our families we just like it. For a girl we’re going with Delilah Jeanne, because Jeanne is the hubby’s deceased grandmother’s name and we just like the way Delilah goes with it. We don’t even think about the initials, probably because we’re stuck with a hyphenated last name thanks to my darling inlaws and their ideas about female oppression and feminism. So Ev has the initials EABP or EAB-P if you want to get hyphen-specific. But I remember thinking about initials when I was a teenager, my mom’s married intials are JAW, which always seemed appropriate since she has TMJ and so her jaw clicks when she chews. *snicker*

  4. two last names is extra fun! p’s full name is poppy madeline reese bilbrey – i loved getting to use more than one option. madeline is a family name and david and i both loved reese. if you do go with two names though, be aware that on a lot of forms you only get to choose one middle initial, so pick the same one every time or things can get confusing!

    can’t wait to hear what comes next in your adventures in new pregnancy. so exciting!


  5. FourInchHeels says:

    Of all the unfortunate initials to give your kid, I’d say yours isn’t bad. By the time kids figure out that it means something, they’ll likely be past the age where they taunt kids about such things. They’ll be on to bigger and badder insults, so it’ll just be the occasional raised eyebrow from another adult that you’ll have to deal with.

    Are you legally allowed to give a kid two middle names, btw? I had this discussion with a friend recently and neither of us could decide if you had to pick one to go on all the forms etc, or if you can put both down.

  6. Aunt Katie says:

    Jonathan is Jonathan William Douglas Gibson.
    Could be worse I guess….

  7. MashugaMom says:

    Hysterical, we also debated and debated on middle names. We were pretty set on the first name and gave both our boys first and middle names that WE LIKED even though they had no family affiliation as our families would have liked. I’m glad we did that because they are names they will enjoy forever and can use either their first and/or middle names in their adult life, then it will be THEIR choice and no one else’s.

  8. Emmie Bee says:

    We went with two middle names for Truman & I love how his name sounds. but, Jesus is the name of all names. I say go for it.

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