Sore Feet

I’ve always had the homemaking gene but now that the realization that a baby is coming to live in my house FOR REALS is starting to sink in, I’m going a little crazy. Today I made bread from scratch, baked and frosted three dozen cookies, went grocery shopping, planned our Thanksgiving dinner and narrowed down the nursery paint color options from 30 to 10. I also put a second coat on the trim to the right of the stairs and a final coat on the trim to the left, plus started the trim in the guest room and touched up the baby’s room. I don’t want any “pregnant women shouldn’t be painting” advice either – I’d love to use that excuse to make E do it but my doctor said as long as I’m not using anything lead based or putting paint on my toast, I’ll be ok. I spent at least eight hours on my feet and OH MY GOD do they hurt. I wore comfortable shoes with nice arch support and padded inserts all day, but right now I couldn’t walk across the room if my life depended on it. I have my feet up on a pillow, my milk and (freshly baked) cookies, Top Chef and the dog to keep me company, and I may end up sleeping on the couch if my arches don’t stop weeping in agony sometime soon. Tomorrow is the appointment where I ask the doctor eight zillion questions. I’ve convinced myself I have preeclampsia and now I can add “swelling of the feet” to my list of reasons why. Of course when my blood pressure reads at a totally normal level I’ll just have to accept that getting fat, retaining water and ligament pains are all just symptoms of pregnancy, not problems. Update for everyone on the soy issue after 2:00 pm tomorrow.

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  1. meghanstrader says:

    I had preeclampsia with baby #1. It was really NOT a good experience, which is why it took 3 1/2 years for me to do it again! There are things you can do to lower your risk though and lowering your sodium intake is the #1 way to get your bp down. It was so bad with #1 that my dr. put me on bedrest for most of my 2nd pregnancy to avoid getting it again. Good luck at your appt tomorrow!

  2. sarrible says:

    Don’t eat all the cookies before I get there. Or do, and we’ll make more. Ooh. Did you make any award-winning pie?

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