Gratuitous Pictures Of A Baby In A Park Friday

Somehow I don’t think that meme is going to catch on quite as well as Wordless Wednesday.

No babies were harmed in the climbing of these very very hard stone steps.

What? I'm not touchin' it. YOU CAN'T SEE ME.

There were a bunch of curtains set up for what I am assuming was an outdoor theater production in this space. It made for some fun peek-a-boo games.

Don't worry, there are big stone steps right below that edge so if he fell he might break a bone but at least he won't drown in the pond.


Pictures taken at the Conn College Arboretum, where we have Stroller Strides on Mondays.

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7 Responses to “Gratuitous Pictures Of A Baby In A Park Friday”

  1. becca says:

    love them! & your captions were pretty awesome too. made me smile (& giggle just a bit)… happy friday!

  2. CollegeCamel says:

    I knew I recognized that pond! Go Conn Coll!!

  3. Amy says:

    Cute!!! He looks so much taller since the last time you posted a bunch of pictures of him. And I love how he never wears shoes…Mia’s still not walking, so no shoes for us yet, but I am not looking forward to the defiant refusal to wear them. :) Maybe I’ll get lucky and she’ll like to wear them.

    • bebehblog says:

      Never ever ever with the shoes. The bottoms of his feet are constantly black. One of the reasons I don’t make him wear them is I feel like he’s right between sizes and putting him in slightly too big shoes just increases the chances he’ll fall on his face. I don’t know what I’m going to do in the winter.

  4. dude, i’m totally going to start making regular “gratuitous pictures of a baby in a park friday” posts JUST to prove you wrong on the name-not-catching-on part…


    and his chubsey bare feetsies!

    i nom him. NOM!!!


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