Friday Flotsam

When life leaves your blog lacking, that’s what God invented bullet points for.

– Baby Evan officially knows both the word and the sign for dog and will do them both independently and on command. So those 12 weeks of signing class ended up being (almost) effective after all.

– I added threading to the comments section, so you can use the “reply” option if someone has said something SO BRILLIANT or SO AWFUL that you just must speak to them directly. Expect to see a lot more of me in my own comments.

– If you have a discussion with a coworker about fun things to do over the weekend, make sure you’re on the same page regarding whether you are going to do said things TOGETHER or are just hearing about HIS plans. Otherwise you risk his wife and your wife misinterpreting your polite interest as complicit agreement and you will spend your whole weekend visiting museums and quaint seaside villages full of antique stores.

– That last one was totally hypothetical of course.

– Although MAYBE if you took a second out of your busy iPhone-game-playing schedule to, oh, I don’t know, ASK YOUR PREGNANT WIFE HOW SHE’S FEELING she wouldn’t feel the need to drag you all over New England to get some time together.

– No really, these are just generalizations.

– I’m going to have to go bathing suit shopping AGAIN, since last year’s one piece is not a maternity suit and the maternity suit I do have is incredibly uncomfortable and ugly. I seem to remember buying it because it was the only option though, so I may not have any luck.

– In an incredibly strange and somewhat evil twist of fate, this pregnancy has improved my skin quality an enormous amount already (which, according to tradition, means I’m having another boy) and last year’s stretch marks have faded to almost invisible. I suppose this is just in preparation for new, angry, violently purple stretch marks in my 3rd trimester, but I may make it through the summer without looking like I’ve been attacked by wild badgers.

– I think I’m going to go to Target today. Just thought you should know.

– A warning to all new parents: TAKE LOTS OF PICTURES OF YOUR BABY NOW, because before too long they’re going to be running through your kitchen naked and refusing to hold still long enough to focus the camera. And if you DO manage to get them to hold still, it will only be sitting in your lap on the floor and they will somehow still manage to ruin your photo.


At least he's still pretty cute.

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3 Responses to “Friday Flotsam”

  1. Amanda says:

    Totally hypothetical eh?

    Well if said coworkers would make their own damn plans rather than casually discuss things and then wait for their wives to do something about maybe there would be no confusion. Just sayin.

    They will have a lovely time whether they like it or not anyways. Time with the family is just oh so precious you know.

  2. Check out Old Navy Online for a maternity swim suit. That is where I got my Tankini last year and I loved it. It covered me plenty to be comfortable (even at 9 months pregnant), but was still stylish and didn’t make me feel like a Granny (not that there is anything wrong with being a Granny, but I don’t want to feel like one in my swimsuit when I am only 27 years old). Tell me if you have any luck!

  3. i second your above commenter – OLD NAVY for maternity, yo! good luck with yer suit shopping! fun!

    oh and yeah, getting cute photos of a fully mobile baby?? HA!! nature’s cruelest joke. (ok, maybe not it’s cruelest, but still evil.) i used to get the most beautiful, crystal-clear shots of poppy and these days it’s a miracle if i get one really good photo a week!

    as usual, this post made me smile. i just love your blog and your beautiful little blondie babe. hope you’re having a happy weekend! cheers!

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