Today was cold and rainy. I accidentally got paint on E’s favorite hoodie. I realized it’s going to take at least two coats to cover the blue trim in my hallway and probably more for the dark green trim in the guest room. I do not have any rollers, so even though tomorrow will also be cold and rainy I will have to go to the hardware store. The takeout I ordered for dinner wasn’t very good. And to top it all off, today was the first day of duty E’s had to work since last spring. Duty means he leaves at 6 am – and doesn’t come home. He’ll probably be back tomorrow night. Under normal circumstances I can handle one night alone out of every 4. But now that I am pregnant, uncomfortable, grumpy and slightly paranoid about things that go bump in the night, this really really sucks.

Update: I also feel the need to add that I spent the last four hours half watching tv and browsing the kids&baby section of every Craigslist within a 100 mile radius. I had to take off one my of brand new “comfortable” bras because it pinches when I slouch, so I’m currently wearing the above mentioned hoodie (unzipped) and my baby belly is blocking my use of the left-click button on my laptop. It may be a good thing E’s not here, this is not a pretty sight.

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  1. sarrible says:

    So what you’re saying is, I should bring clothes appropriate for painting.

  2. AGreenEyeDevil says:

    Sounds like you’ve added a hoodie to your maternity wardrobe! Just tell E to get a new one.

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