My arm hurts. Really hurt. Like,  a lot. But it isn’t the arm I got my flu shot in, that arm hurt the day they did it and a little on Saturday but not at all since. My LEFT arm – mostly my shoulder – is what kept me from getting any sleep last night. I just thrashed around moaning and wondering how long I should wait before I woke E up and told him I was having a heart attack. He’s a really sound sleeper.

This morning I got a little rest, just from sheer exhaustion. I’m going to take a hot bath and maybe a couple Tylenol, but if it keeps hurting this much I’m going to have to suck it up and call my doctor. It actually feels much better now that I’m doing stuff and not just wallowing in self pity. I think I’m just achy from the flu shot but it’s making me a grumpy, angry, miserable pregnant woman. I can’t even be excited that I felt the baby moving last night. Yeah, whatever Baby, I can’t sleep either so just shut up and keep your pointy elbows to yourself.

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