Baby #4 News! It’s A…

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We actually found out we were having a boy a looooooooooong time ago. I had some extra genetic testing done around 12 weeks because my first tests were “borderline”. That testing includes the option to find out if it’s a boy or a girl. As much as I loved being surprised when Linc was born (I also REALLY loved not having to have the following conversations with a million people: Are you happy it’s a boy? Do you have a name? Oh, don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll have a girl next time. Well you can always try again…) I felt strongly that I wanted to find out this time. Partly because I was expecting it to be a girl and I didn’t want to go through my whole pregnancy convinced I was right and have to deal with my feelings when I was already dealing with birth hormones, and partly because if it WAS a boy I could get rid of a TON of girl clothes. Also, I already have 3 kids and I’m pretty busy on a regular basis. I am definitely not spending a ton of time sitting quietly and deeply connecting to the new life I’m growing. Knowing it’s a boy and thinking of him as a HIM┬áhas definitely helped me feel more in touch with this baby.

Also, we have NO BOY NAMES, so it’s good we have so much time to think about it. All suggestions welcome.

Please note: Evan is not actually sad it is a boy. After the video, he started laughing and said “I was just kidding. As long as Caroline doesn’t get to be the boss of me.”

More photos from our reveal (plus some fun in the orchard):

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p.s. Don’t you love my orchard? It’s FULL of treasures.

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3 Responses to “Baby #4 News! It’s A…”

  1. Yay a boy! You can’t go wrong…you make beautiful babies!
    Jennifer @ WrittenByJennifer recently posted… Rekindling My Love Of Actual Books

  2. giov says:

    congrats on another boy! I know I’m just a lurker but I love baby names and I’ve been thinking all your kids have names ending in an -n sound (-an, -in, -on) so maybe a name ending in -en? just to keep things matchy but not too matchy? or maybe a surname name like lincoln (since evan and caroline are very classic).


    let me know if i’m even close to your taste! (or if i’m being weird)

  3. Sarah says:

    I love all of these photos, as always. hat size is Caroline – because if you’re getting rid of girl clothes, I will BUY any of them them might fit Lulu!

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