82 Degrees

Today it is only in the 60’s and threatening to rain, but Monday was gorgeous so we went to the lake. The water was can’t-feel-your-toes freezing – almost as bad as the ocean this time of year – but the kids had a great time.

(Sidebar: The one zillion dollars I have spent on swim lessons so far is totally worth it for the peace of mind it brings me around the water. We’ll still be sporting those across-the-chest floaties for most of the summer, but the fact that both kids understand how to hold their breath, float on their back and get to the wall/shore means I can actually ENJOY going to the lake instead of freaking out the entire time about the very presence of water more than 1 inch deep. I plan to continue throwing money at our swim lessons all summer.)

We were not the only people there. Evan actually ran into a friend from school and that friend has some siblings/friends for Caroline plus their favorite baby-friend Baby Charlotte came too. I like this lake in May. by July it’s crowded and trashed (because it is free and has lots of parking and people are jerks) so we’ll be at the real shoreline beach with everyone else.

lake day may 2014

lake day may 2014-7

lake day may 2014-13

lake day may 2014-10

lake day may 2014-16

lake day may 2014-30

lake day may 2014-22

lake day may 2014-25

lake day may 2014-21

lake day may 2014-26

lake day may 2014-28

lake day may 2014-29

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  1. anna says:

    how nice to have that great weather and a peaceful place to go and enjoy it! Love the pictures of the kids with their towels. That would be one to put up on the wall!

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