Unfortunately, my psychic abilities did NOT carry over to Blackjack. Well, actually they might have if the jackass playing the hand before me didn’t hit a fifteen with a six showing (in case you DON’T have a gambling problem and don’t know, that is a VERY BAD DECISION). Either way, baby’s going to have to wait til next paycheck for that awesome stroller.

In other news, I’m finding it very hard to use the correct pronouns for the baby. I prefer just using “the baby” and try to frame all my sentences in such a way that I can avoid saying “him” at all. Like, the baby is really kicking today! The baby must really like Arrested Development! The baby needs some ice cream right now! Or even better, if you loved your baby, you’d get us some Friendly’s! And if you don’t I’m going to make the baby listen to the new Britney album. Again.

3 Responses to “WRONG”

  1. meghanstrader says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about your psychic abilities. I was really hoping you could predict that this baby over here had some pink :)

  2. lalaland13 says:

    Question: Do the casinos there prohibit smoking? Because every time my mom and I would go to Shreveport and gamble, I’d always feel like a smoky bar singer by the end of the night. I enjoy a nice gamble every now and again, but 1) I’m too far away now and 2) no money. Third would be the smoke.

    Sorry you had bad luck, though. We have some Indian casinos nearby, but the actual riverboat ones are waay better.

  3. h_a_l says:

    OMG Friendly’s!! Now I want a cone-head sundae with those little reeses pieces eyes and nose!!! Crap I don’t think Friendly’s exists in Brooklyn!

    Sorry to hear about Blackjack but hey I’m playing 4 ,1, 20 and 9 in one of my mega millions picks tonight so maybe we’ll all be getting fancy strollers! 146 million!! I think I’ll do 41 for the mega ball but I need a 5th number….

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