Family Resemblance

As requested by the brilliant MKP, side by sides of Baby Evan and Caroline at 3 months:

My thought is that even though they look like SIBLINGS they don’t really look the SAME. Caroline’s head is shaped differently and her chin is pointier. Even though she was born bigger, Caroline is less chubby than 3 month old Baby Evan. I also think Caroline’s eyes are bluer, which makes me think they might stay that color instead of turning grey/green like Evan’s did. They have almost the same nose but I think Caroline’s turns up just a liiiittle more. Also, I think Caroline looks more feminine, but I’m not sure an outside observer would agree.

And right now, you’re thinking I am TOTALLY INSANE because they look IDENTICAL and who spends this much time analyzing every teeny tiny difference in their baby’s faces?

Unless you have more than one kid. Because then you probably totally understand.


Tomorrow is my kidney stone removal surgery, which is just a same-day outpatient procedure but is causing me a huge amount of stress. What if I’m there all day? Will Caroline take a bottle? Will I be allowed to nurse after sedation? Is it going to hurt? Is passing all the stone fragments going to hurt? Will this finally take care of all these damn kidney infections or do I have an underlying issue that could be more serious? I’m probably overreacting and I’ll be there an hour with no pain and then get to come home and nap because I’m “recovering”, but it’s easy to let my worries get the best of me. Wish me luck!

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18 Responses to “Family Resemblance”

  1. Brittany says:

    Yeah, I think they look really similar but not identical.

    Good luck tomorrow! I’m sure it will be fine. I was told that it’s ok to nurse after sedation.

  2. molly says:

    They look a lot alike in those first photos!

    Good luck with the surgery, sweetie. My sister had the same surgery and it helped!

  3. Good Luck!!!! And I’m sure it will all be fine! Everything will go great and then you will get to feel so much better :)

    I totally agree that Caroline has that just a bit more feminine look than baby Evan did. I was noticing how she has longer eyelashes and a pretty little nose. I think she’s gonna be gorgeous! :)

  4. I would love to see some pictures of you and Evan as babies next to Caroline and Evan’s pictures so we can see who looks like who.

  5. merin says:

    I actually wasn’t sure who was who in the first picture! I agree with Erin that she is a little more feminine. What a cutie pie!

    Good luck tomorrow! I hope this does the trick! And enjoy the hour of sleep :)

  6. raincheckmom says:

    Before I saw your comments at the bottom of the pictures I was preparing to say the same things you did! I think Caroline’s eyes are not only bluer but a little different shape and maybe a little further apart as well.

  7. Kimberly says:

    And don’t forget her gorgeous ginger hair! Maybe some day I’ll have a baby with hair :P
    Good luck tomorrow!

  8. TMae says:

    I hope everything that needs to be blasted tomorrow is. It’s about damn time that you get to feel better! If you’re concerned about being able to nurse, (which it seems to me shouldn’t be a problem, but you know how uninformed health care can be) can you find out what sedative they’ll give you and do a little Google research? That way you have a bit of info going in?

    I’m sure Caroline will take the bottle, and be ever so happy when she gets her boobs back! And you’ll be healthy! I hope anyway. Thinking of you…

  9. sarrible says:

    Good luck! Let me know if there’s anything I can do from here. I can…I don’t know, read Evan a book over the phone or something.

  10. Julie S. says:

    They are definitely similar but not identical. How cute! Best of luck tomorrow- I will be thinking of you!

  11. andrea says:

    You are funny. Good comparative/analytical skills! They do look really similar, but I do think that Caroline looks more feminine (is it because I KNOW she is a girl?)…
    Good luck during your surgery. I hope you have a fast recovery. Will be sending you tons of good energies (& lots of love)!

  12. Leah says:

    I think Caroline looks more like you and Little E more like Big E. Of course, I have never seen ANY of you in person so take that with a grain of salt. Cute all around, regardless.

  13. Audrey says:

    They look totally different to me. Some resemblance, yes, but two totally different children that I would never mistake for one another when looking at baby pictures. She is WAY feminine. Yet I have issues seeing uniqueness when looking at Del. I just see Ev with bits of girly thrown in here or there. You know, except for the red hair. :D

  14. Brigid Keely says:

    At your last splash of 3mo Caroline photos I thought “Huh, she looks almost exactly like Evan” but when you put them side by side they don’t look as identical. But they do look a LOT like siblings. My brothers and I hardly look alike at all.

    Good luck with your procedure!

  15. I was totally on the oh-my-god-they-look-exactly-alike train. Until you did this. They are definitely siblings, but no twinsies. Both are adorable, of course.

    And best wishes for tomorrow, I am sure it will all go well and they will fix those kidneys right up.

  16. Shari says:

    Best of luck tomorrow!!

  17. bellegourmande says:

    They definitely look alike, but not very similar. Siblings, yes, twins, no ;).

    GOOD LUCK tomorrow. I’ll be thinking about you and hoping it goes very, very smoothly.


  18. Alana says:

    They don’t really look too much a like but damn they are both cute!!
    I love that strawberry blonde hair!
    AND where did you get that onesie? It is adorable!

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