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Caroline: 5 Years Old

Saturday, December 19th, 2015

Happy Birthday to the amazing, unique, brave, smart, funny Caroline. It’s a pleasure and a joy to be your mother. even when you are driving me completely crazy.

Tonight we’re going on the Essex Steam Train which they turn into the Polar Express for the holidays. We went a couple years ago for Caroline’s 3rd birthday and it was straight up magical. She is a girl after my own heart and doing fun family stuff is her favorite, so an evening wearing matching pajamas and drinking hot cocoa with her brothers is the perfect celebration. Plus she already partied hard with all her friends last weekend.

This morning she told everyone at the farmer’s market it was her birthday. She loves to talk and has a special charm that old ladies can’t resist. She is never cold. She likes sleeping and swiming and dancing. She has been singing Santa Claus Is Coming To Town non-stop. She is going to start piano lessons in January because she’s pretty sure she’s the next Taylor Swift. Even when she’s being ridiculous or uncooperative she’s the sweetest and just wants everyone around her to be happy. Her teacher told me I don’t ever have to worry about someone pushing her around, because despite being the smallest kid in her class she has NO trouble telling anyone to knock off their poor behavior.

caroline is 5-2

caroline is 5-3

caroline is 5-4

caroline is 5-5

caroline is 5-7

caroline is 5-8

caroline is 5-9

We made another interview for this year. Her 3 year old video is here and 4 year old video is here.

I have no idea why YouTube murdered the quality of this video, but I promise it didn’t look as bad as the screen grab when I uploaded it and it wasn’t that dark when I shot it.