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Wordless Wednesday: Just Popping In So You Know I’m Not Dead Edition

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

Still deep in the middle of Patiopalooza, but the end is officially in sight.

So far during our project, Little Evan has:

– Decided he LOVES bananas, a food he hated last week, and demands them constantly.

– Learned the following words: Hershey (“hiiirsh!!” – my parent’s dog), banana (“meee-nyaaaaaah! meee-nynyaaaaa!”), lemonade (“meh-mah-myaaaah”), and the phrase “More dirt!! MORE DIRT!!!”

– Peed in the potty seven times.

– Become an expert at shoveling gravel.

– Fallen down a zillion times.

– Worn an average of four different outfits a day.

– Filled and emptied his water table more times than I can count.

– Whined until I’ve almost lost my mind.

– Been totally freaking adorable (see above).

E goes back to work today so it’s just me and Dad working in the yard while Mom watches both kids. Unless Caroline is as COMPLETELY MISERABLE as she was yesterday and I spend 12 hours with her attached to my boob until I’m bleeding from the nipples. Again. But I’ve already ordered an outdoor dining table so this thing is getting DONE.