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Working On My Fitness

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

Last week I signed up for Stroller Strides, an exercise class for people with strollers. Usually moms, although I don’t think anyone would object to a dog or a cat or a pet hedgehog in a stroller as long as it stayed buckled in. The classes are held four times a week – Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday – either at the park or at the mall when the weather is bad. I joined because it’s time to buckle down and lose this baby weight. I’m taking it really seriously this time. I’m dedicated to attending class at least three times a week. It’s important for my health, my happiness, my self-esteem and also I paid for a membership plus a month of classes so the only way it’s worth it financially is if I actually show up. I’m counting on my cheapness as motivation.

My first class was last Thursday. Our instructor, Amy, was cheerful and bouncy and peppy and all those awful things good exercise instructors always are. Half way through I was tempted to drown her by throwing her in the lake but she’d probably make all of us join her and swim laps while singing “Baby Beluga”. Blerg. Anyways, class kicked my frickin’ butt and I should have spent the next day lying on the couch complaining and being a giant baby about my poor, sore legs and imagining ways to pay Amy back for the pain. I’m sure Google has some ideas under “crazy satanic exercise woman who clearly hates children and happiness”.

Unfortunately, we had company this weekend so I had to Do Stuff. Wait, that came out wrong. FORTUNATELY, E’s sister Kristi came to visit for a few days so she could meet her nephew for the first time. The unfortunate part is lying on the couch begging someone to bring me Diet Coke and ice cream sandwiches isn’t very exciting for anyone else, so we went and Did Stuff. After Baby Evan’s appointment we headed out to show Kristi a good time, parents of a 6 month old style. So not really the “good time” most people would imagine…but we did go to Mystic Pizza! And to the aquarium! Penguins! Whales! Sea lions! The permeating stench of fish and bird poop! And because I’m one of those crazy attachment parenting people I wore Baby Evan in the mai tei carrier the whole time instead of using the perfectly good stroller like EVERY OTHER PERSON at Mystic Aquarium. Ok, so, sure it meant he could see stuff and interact with E and Kristi and maybe get some mental stimulation and boring junk like that…but DUDE. MY LEGS. And my arms and back and feet and oh em gee why did I join that torture program? So what if my butt never fits on a bike seat again? I DIDN’T LIKE BIKING ANYWAY.

The moral of this story is when you’re totally exhausted from your first real workout in more than a year and dragging a 6 month old around all day, it’s OK to let your husband get up with the baby the next morning. It’s also OK to admit said baby isn’t going to make it through an afternoon of wine tasting and shopping the next day and opt out in favor of naps. I may not win the Martha Stewart Hostess of the Year Award by skipping out of family time with my sister-in-law (and depriving her of PRECIOUS SECONDS OF BABY HOLDING) but I think in the greater scheme of things keeping my sore, sleep deprived self and an exhausted, cranky child away from the general public wins me a Decent Human Being Award. Eardrums of Eastern Connecticut, you’re welcome.