Want to know the real reason people don’t vaccinate their children? IT %$#&*#% SUCKS. My baby is SAAAAAAAAD. He wants me to know that it HUUUUURTS. He’s going to make sure the whole neighborhood knows what an awful, mean mommy I am and I better not even think about getting up off this couch or moving more than 6 inches away from him or the already insane level of screaming will increase to a volume previously unknown to man.

Maybe there’s a way I can get the shots instead and transfer the vaccines through my milk. At this point, having the giant needles stuck directly into my nipples would be the LESS PAINFUL method.

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  1. sarrible says:

    Babies never see the big picture. Their vision is so limited.

  2. h_a_l says:

    Oh noes – Poor little E!!! My friend went through this with her little girl recently and if makes you feel better her upset only went on for 2 days. Is this the only round of vaccines or are there more in a few months? Something tells me there are more, and for that I’m sorry!

  3. Brigid says:

    Nick had freakin’ NIGHTMARES for two nights after. He’d just start screaming while asleep. Sometimes he wouldn’t even wake up! Poor little guy.

    I’d rather he not shit himself to death or catch measles and go blind (or die) or catch HiB and… you know… die.

    Did you know that with whooping cough/pertussis you can cough so hard you break your own ribs? Glad we have vaccines.

  4. Candace says:

    I would recommend giving him some tylenol before getting shots, this helped with my baby girl. It helps them relax more and then the stick isn’t so bad for them.. I hope baby E gets better..

  5. J.D.Regent says:

    poor baby! think of it, it is probably the first time he has felt any pain or discomfort worse than a full diaper. pain is a part of life, baby e. better that you get used to it now.

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