4th of July

I’ve always been an over-packer. I cannot leave a 60-mile radius around my house without outfits for the following situations: what if we go to the beach? what if it’s cold at night? what if we go out to dinner? what if we have to walk really far? what if a giant asteroid hits earth? what if Steven Spielberg suddenly falls out of the sky and says “You! If only you had a red shirt you’d be PERFECT for the lead role in my next film!”? So I tend to carry a lot of stuff.

All that previous packing was NOTHING compared to the amount of crap you need with a baby. We didn’t even spend the night away from home and we still brought an entire car full of baby stuff. There’s the car seat, the stroller, the diaper bag, the other diaper bag, the outfits & burp cloths (because I still have the spitty-uppiest baby in the world), the pack’n’play, the sling carrier, the mei tai carrier, the toys, the bouncy seat…wait, where’s the bouncy seat? Did we forget the bouncy seat?!?!  Luckily, E’s cousin has two kids and a garage full of abandoned baby gear which happened to include a swing. I seriously don’t know how people used to survive before Fisher-Price.

Our trip was to Plymouth, Mass – I’ve always felt that was an appropriate place to spend the 4th, very America-y – and we had a good time. The baby was about as well behaved as a three month old could be. He took a nice long nap in my new baby carrier while we walked around town. Unfortunately, now all the pictures of him in Plymouth look like this:

But he was very happy being carried and he didn’t get a sunburn and besides a little numbness in my left shoulder this morning the mai tei worked great. That’s us standing next to Plymouth Rock. I know, how exciting. A rock. You’re so jealous of our proximity to a random rock on a whole beach full of rocks that has been designated as the official rock the Pilgrims landed on even though it’s definitely not. Oh and someone vandalized it so instead of saying “1620” it says “1820”. So America just lost two hundred years of history. Great job, douchebag vandal.

Here are some pictures from the rest of our day:






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  1. lalaland13 says:

    I would love if Spielberg put you in the next Transformers movie (I think he produces them, perhaps). You running around in a sling with Baby E, dodging robots, would be way more awesome than that Megan Fox character.

    Also, I’m noticing Father E really likes those College of Charleston shirts. Has Baby E applied for admission there yet? :P

  2. TheDomina says:

    Lovely pics! Did you make the Mei Tai baby carrier? I’ve been looking at the pattern for months and can’t decide if my baby-having friends would appreciate a homemade baby carrier…

  3. bebehblog says:

    Lala – My baby will be going to a REAL college, thankyouverymuch. E didn’t even go to C of C (I did) but he loves the football shirt. It says “Still undefeated” on the back. Because we don’t have a football team. Bwahahahahah!

    TheDomina – No I bought that one but there are a plethora of homemade versions on eBay or Etsy. Several of the moms at group have versions made by friends and they love them. I think it would be a fantastic and thoughtful baby gift.

  4. I love Plymouth! My sister was there yesterday too. I wonder if you walked by each other. She’d be the one with a newborn, a 2-year-old and a very tired expression.

    The boppy picture is amazing by the way.

  5. bebehblog says:

    Leah – If she was one of the EIGHTY MILLION people pushing a stroller, then yes I walked right past her. Seriously, I never noticed just how many strollers there are in town on a holiday weekend until I had a baby of my own. I felt like the only strollerless person in a 10 mile radius. Which made me the only person not constantly saying “sorry, excuse me, sorry, oops sorry about your toes, sorry, sorry…”

  6. AGreenEyeDevil says:

    Bringing my little house dog to Savannah for the holiday entailed: a hot pink dog stroller, a dog carrier/sling thingee, 3 bags of toys, 2 large beds, 1 large cooler of HER groceries, 2 water bowls, 3 food bowls, 4 blankets, and 100 piddle pads. I think I know how you might feel on the packing issue Suzanne!

  7. stacyinbean says:

    That boppy pillow picture is killing me right now, first because it looks really comfy and I’d love a nap right about now, and second WANT TO NOM TEH BEBEH FOOT!!! Sorry, had to get that out there. Glad you guys had fun, I can’t believe someone messed with that stupid rock!

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