Newborn Picture Extravaganza!

Having my own newborn to photograph was a) awesome and b) horrible. Newborn photo shoots are hard work – lots of crouching and squatting and lying down and then getting up and holding your heavy camera at weird angles and being super patient while the baby settles and re-settles and needs to be fed and fed and fed again. So when you’re trying to do all the things yourself it’s exhausting. Add in the fact that you’re recovering from birth (my birth recovery was fairly easy but I still GAVE BIRTH) and I was SO sore after each photo shoot.

Because obviously I did more than one. Four, in fact. Three of which I am going to post photos from right now because I FINALLY got the photos edited. It was awesome to be able to pick whatever time of day the baby was SUPER passed out instead of just hoping a baby was sleeping during the time I scheduled a session. I also waited until he was (slightly) less yellow and his skin was (mostly) clear, so the editing wasn’t that hard.

So now I present: a zillion pictures of my baby.

p.s. I know this is a ridiculous thing to ask, but I need to order at least a couple to put on our family picture wall, so if you have a favorite or favorites let me know!

p.p.s. I also know in theory I should put this all on my photography blog, but no one reads that and I want to show off my baby so you get them instead. I’ll add some to my portfolio…if I ever remember to update my portfolio.


brothers-3 web

brothers-7 web

river web 1

river web 3

river web 7

river web 8

river web 9

newborn photos-2 web

newborn photos-13 web

newborn photos-5 web

newborn photos-8 web

newborn photos-11 web

newborn photos-24 web

big sister 1 web

newborn photos-44 web

newborn photos-47 web

newborn photos-48 web

newborn photos-52 web

newborn photos-57 web

newborn photos-67 web

newborn photos-69 web

newborn photos-71 web

newborn photos-76 web

newborn photos-86 web

newborn photos-90 web

newborn photos-92 web

newborn garden web 3

newborn garden-16 web

newborn garden web 1

newborn garden-18 web

newborn garden-19 web

newborn garden-20 web

newborn garden-25 web



newborn garden-46 web

newborn garden-49 web


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18 Responses to “Newborn Picture Extravaganza!”

  1. Tara says:

    Oh, gosh, so hard to choose! They are all so sweet. What a precious little guy you have! That pic of him and Caroline both looking at the camera was perfect. I loved the first one of him in the river rocks. And pretty much all of the ones in the blue basket are perfect.

  2. Liz says:

    ^ agreed above. The only one that’s just ‘okay,’ IMO, is when he’s in the basket on top of the dresser, because you can’t really see him (just feet) – the rest are all great. :)

  3. MKP says:

    The one where Evan’s upside down next to Linc, the one where Caroline has her arm around him, any of the ones in the blue basket with the yellow flower, and the Super Confused Skeptical Face from the grey blanket set would be my votes.

    These all sound like super odd never-aired Friends episodes.

  4. Sarah says:

    Number 7 and 8… I love the little smile going on in the woodsy shot, and sleeping baby faces like in #8 are just too precious! I like the closeup of the feet to add to a collage, and then all the ones in the laundry basket at the end with the greens… I love babies smiling in their sleep… So sweet! Wow. I was really helpful, huh?

  5. Molly says:

    He is seriously PERFECT, Suzanne! My favorites are the blue basket with the sunflower. Precious. Congrats, again!

  6. Leah says:

    Definitely the one where he is near the rocks but in the greens and like, smiling into his fist?

    But what I REALLY want to see is more of Caroline’s “I’m not so sure about this thing” faces.

  7. Raincheckmom says:

    I can’t decide! Every time I try to pick my favorite I feel like the man in “Millions of Cats” and end up choosing them all!

  8. Jill says:

    These are AMAZING! Are you kidding me?! I’m so super impressed.

  9. Alena says:


    You must use ALL OF THEM. On all the walls. ALL OF THEM.

  10. Kirsten says:

    Oh lordy they’re ALL so gorgeous. I bet you thought this would make it easier – but a quick scan of the other comments and nobody has chosen the same as me…. so, for what it’s worth – my fave is the one in the river under the one of him yawning. So cute and so dramatic. Well done for getting all these taken let alone edited and posted. xxx

  11. sarrible says:

    I love that first picture of him and Evan, and the one where Caroline has her arm around him. And also Super Inquisitive WTF Face Lincoln, right before the red basket shots start. (Also the ones by the river where it looks like you found Moses.)

  12. Sarah says:

    Stop. It.

    My ovaries are exploding over here.

    I LOVE so many of them! The one where Caroline has her arm around him, the first one with the white blanket, umm ALL the rest of them! I lost track of all my favorites…

  13. Naomi says:

    Incredible!!! Wish you lived in hawaii to take
    Pics of my family. I’m sure I missed some but these ae my standout faves ( I can’t even begin to tell you how long it took me to keep track of
    The picture numbers…it’s embarrassing)
    3,5, 14-17, 33, 35 and love the feet and picture of
    Him in the white pants (just his legs)

    You’re awesome!!

  14. Naomi says:

    Oh my gosh! 29!!! My favorite!!!!

  15. These photos are beautiful! Linc really looks line Caroline.

    I love the first photo of him on the riverbank, the ones of him with big brother and big sister, and the ones in all white. But really, they’re all amazing!

  16. LC says:

    So is he a ginger? Can’t quite tell :-)

  17. Julie S. says:

    If I ever take any newborn photos that are half as good as this, I would be THRILLED. These are stunning!!

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