My child is doomed

One of E’s favorite tricks to calm the baby down is to blow in his face. (We, uh, learned this trick with the dog. Don’t judge me, judge my husband.) When the air hits his eyes, Little Evan gets really distracted and blinky and stops squalling long enough to try and guess where this COMPLETELY INSANE feeling is coming from. Mostly of the time he figures it out by bobbling his head around and smiling at daddy.

Unfortunately, Daddy’s been known to enjoy an adult beverage or two after dinner. So now my child is going to associate the smell of beer with happiness. I’m sure that’s TOTALLY HEALTHY.

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  1. sarrible says:

    Works for my family.

  2. I just happen to know a certain someone under 3 ft. tall who knows how to operate a bottle opener. It could be worse.

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