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After going through a short period where I wanted to stab my eyeballs out with a pair of needles (really really sharp ones), I’m enjoying knitting again. I got inspired from the oasis needlepoint studios so I’ve built up quite a little stash of projects and patterns and have big plans for a whole holiday full of knitted gifts this Christmas. Making stuff is just so SATISFYING, even if the stuff is riddled with errors and the ends are done all wrong and it costs me twice as much to make on my own as just going to Target an buying a stupid sweater. But these are ONE OF A KIND and HOMEMADE and SOOPER SPESHUL so I don’t even care.

Want to see what 10 months of knitting experience looks like?

(Warning: lots of dorky knitting details ahead! Feel free to be bored to death or call me old and lame. I know.)

Green shrug

This is the first adult-sized article of clothing I’ve ever made. I had issues (the stab myself in the eye kind) with the lace pattern, but it turned out all I needed to do was take a chill pill and adapt my counting skillz. The yarn is Serendipity Tweed by the Brown Sheep Company (60% cotton/40% wool) purchased from my awesome friend Megan’s yarn store*, Mothers of Purl Yarns. The pattern is available for free online here.

A better view of the pattern & the shape – I swear I’ve worn this EVERY DAY since I finished it.

Baby Evan’s Toddler Sweater

I’ve had this pattern and this yarn since the week I started knitting, but my plans to start it were always undermined by not having the right needles or not having a button or not understanding how to pick up stitches. I finally got over it, used the needles I had and started, only to realize I was going to have to knit it in an actual big-kid size instead of the baby size, which ended up taking FOREVER, but it totally worth it due to cuteness.

I’m actually happy it’s big, so he can wear it longer. Also, I totally think he looks like a Jedi in the hood, which I think is super cool. Because I’m a dork.

The pattern is the Baby Tunic from Knitting Pure & Simple (and it was a GREAT pattern, everything was explained super well and was easy for even a novice to follow). I’m almost embarrassed to tell you the yarn is Caron Simply Soft Heather in Denim (100% acrylic). Cheap craft store yarn is the bane of “real” knitters everywhere, but whatevs, it’s for a kid and I wanted it to be a)inexpensive b)washable and c)indestructible. Acrylic FTW!

Gender Neutral Baby Sweater – made pre-girl parts revelation

I bought the yarn (Cascade 220, 100% wool) from Megan’s de-stashing basket (for $4, what a deal!) and the pattern is the Plymouth Yarn Co’s Top Down Baby Jacket.  I made the same pattern for my niece and loved it so much I wanted one for my own baby. I left it button-less on purpose, in case I needed to go with something boy-like. Now I think I’ll get a pink & brown ribbon to thread through the holes & just tie it closed.

Pink baby shrug

I had a ball of the Brown Sheep Tweed left over after I finished my grown up sweater, so I traded it in for the same yarn in pink to make my first official BABY GIRL item. I found the free pattern online from a blog called The Shizknit (BEST NAME EVER? I THINK SO) and it was so unbelievable easy I had it done in one evening + 1 nap time. I follow the directions for the smallest size but it ended up being sort of big. Baby Girl might get to wear it this spring and then again in the fall, which is actually awesome.

Gorgeous, no?

I bought this ball of yarn Wednesday night at my knitting group (Di’s Delectables, 50% wool/50% alpaca plus metallic thread) and cannot WAIT to make something out of it. I’m thinking a cowl or a scarf, because it’s only 150 yards, and the colors will be fantastic up near my face. Doesn’t it remind you of an opal? I’m going to need a REALLY gorgeous pin or buttons to finish it.

So there you go – all the stuff I’ve made in the past few weeks. Next up is Baby Girl’s teddy bear to match the one I made Baby Evan (And maybe one extra one, to be given to a lucky person yet t0 be determined. Perhaps a hand-made giveaway? Anyone?) and getting started on my Christmas gifts for all my luckiest friends and relatives. Just don’t expect socks. I hate socks.

*I seriously can’t say enough good things about Megan. Not only is she an amazing knitter, she patiently taught me everything I know, lets me and the baby hang out in her shop anytime we want and is a super friend. I don’t buy NEARLY enough yarn from her to justify spending so much of my time at Mothers of Purl and yet she never complains about my freeloading. Although if anyone ever wanted to get me the best gift ever they could call Megan and get me a gift certificate. I might love them forever and ever. AND EVER. ARE YOU READING THIS DARLING HUSBAND?

Disclaimer, just in case: None of these people have any idea I’m writing about or linking to them and I apologize if they stumble over here and discover how badly I butchered their beautiful patterns/yarn.  I spent huge amounts of my own money on this stuff, no freebies at all.

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17 Responses to “In Stitches”

  1. michgal18 says:

    Ooohhhh! We (Carson and I, obviously!) would totally love a homemade bear giveaway. But only if we win! :-)

  2. Reid love, love, loves the teddy bear you made him!!!! I’m super-excited about doing a photoshoot with it. You did such a great job!!! (P.S. Everything is beautiful! Looks like you’ve been working hard and it all looks great!)

  3. eversmommy says:

    I am SUPER impressed (oh, and spitefully jealous of all the projects you have finished!)–I have been knitting for a few years, and have not ventured into the realm of adult clothes. I have a cardigan on my needles for my son, so we shall see.

    Homemade bear giveaway would be awesome! Loved your post about the one you did for Baby Evan (I just found your blog recently and my husband and I have been reading it together and cracking up so much, he said the headless teddy reminded him of me and my knitting projects). Anyway, great blog!

  4. becca says:

    everything looks so great! and that last ball of yarn? it looks like it’s just waiting for a snuggle; it just looks so soft and plush! i can do standard knitting; want to teach me how to purl? otherwise, i think i’m stuck doing boring things :)

  5. Other Erin says:

    I see an Etsy store in your future.

  6. Amy says:

    Nice job! I loved seeing all of the projects.

  7. Megan says:

    I made the blog! I feel famous. :) Thanks so much for all your kind words. I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed knitting. We love having you and Evan hang out. You do beautiful work and you are so much more productive than I was when I was pregnant; I totally lost my knitting mojo. Keep up the wonderful work!

  8. absolutely adorable stuff! GREAT job, mama! love love love.

    i taught myself to knit a few years back but it fell by the wayside after only a short time. i’m kind of addicted to sewing but might i just say i hope you decide to sell your creations someday so that i can attain a lovely knitted gift for my poppy girl!

    keep on crafting, lady! xoxoxo.

  9. LCW says:

    I wish I could knit, you do beautiful work! And I can’t wait to see your little girl in her shrugs! You need to market this stuff.

  10. i wish, wish, wish I could do this. amazing stuff!

  11. Love it! I am most impressed. I need to learn, I have a ton of yarn and needles that were my mom’s gathering dust in a closet. I should buck up and learn or just mail it all to you.

  12. brigidkeely says:

    Oh man, you make me want to try and knit again.

    I have Spatial Issues and knitting is really dang hard, but these things are SO CUTE and awesome.

  13. Cole says:

    Mommy and I are completely impressed with your gorgeous work! Love that green shrug and the pink? So cute! Mommy once made Daddy a scarf. It took her 5 months and still was a bit on the short side.

  14. Katrina says:

    Awesome work Suzanne! Great post. I have an entire house to clean and about 5 pages of to-do’s to get through before family comes to visit but now all I want to do is look up knitting patterns and start a new project. But I’m thinking washcloths–not clothing. Ha! Let’s meet up at Mother’s of Purl again soon!

  15. J.D.Regent says:

    Well I’ve never knit a stitch and I am completely impressed you are turning out pieces this gorgeous and wearable after only 10 months. I’m never going to be a craftsy person so perhaps I’m easy to win over but I am seriously in awe, with everything else you have going on!

  16. TMae says:

    This stuff is GORGEOUS. I wish I could knit. I keep saying I’m going to take a class, because I’ve tried to teach myself, and that hasn’t worked out so well. I keep thinking, “Hey, I can crochet I should be able to knit!” Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that. You got skillz!

  17. amber says:

    these are wonderful. i would love to learn to knit. i am not so sure that teaching myself would happen…hmmm, might have to try it out. great stuff!

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