Happy Boxing Day!

And Merry Christmas! And Happy Christmas Eve! I am late and/or behind on everything, including cleaning up from Caroline’s birthday party. But because we’re in Virginia visiting my family I’ve managed to avoid all my housekeeping and cleaning and laundry and cooking responsibilities for the past week. It’s the best Christmas present a girl could ask for. Well, except for my awesome day-after-Christmas shopping trip to Nordstrom Rack where I scored my first pair of jeggings and some sweet ankle booties. Yep, I’m ridiculous.

As much fun as being here with my folks is, traveling at Christmas is a special kind of awful. I’ve been super sick and Little Evan started randomly throwing up so much we had to take him to the ER. Tomorrow we have to somehow get a zillion presents back in the car and battle the terrible I-95 traffic with two super tired kiddos just in time to take down ALL the Christmas decorations. At least I have a giant bag of half-price holiday candy and some cute pictures of the kids to comfort me.

Playing on MorMor's steps

2 and a half, going on 14

Someone didn't really care for ice skating

Maybe we'll try again next year

But he LOVED the Zamboni

Bundled up

Christmas morning!

Aunt Carolyn totally showed up Santa with the basketball hoop

Oh goody, more toys with balls that roll under the couch

Making us breakfast

Hugging her moose

A zillion new toys so of course she's playing with the plastic packaging

I hope your holidays were lovely and much healthier than ours were!

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9 Responses to “Happy Boxing Day!”

  1. Brigid Keely says:

    So “hugging her moose” is some kind of euphemism for “zombieing that moose’s brains,” huh? Yeah. I see how you’re painting your bloggy world in idylic shades of adorable, trying to put on a non-devouring-zombie-child public face of perfection and bliss. Well, don’t you realize just how harmful this sort of twee faux perfectionism is? You’re making all the other parent bloggers look bad with their brain-streaked toddler faces and mussed up hair. Zombie toddlers are a fact of life and it’s utterly appalling that you’re trying to hide it. >:C UNFOLLOWED FOREVER YOU HAVE LOST A READER LADY >:C

    Ahhh, poor li’l E. Didn’t you have a vomitpalooza last Christmas, too? I’m getting a sense of deja vu. Whatever’s going on, sick kids are the most pitiful creatures ever and I hope the coming year has way less sick days for all of you.

  2. gorgeous pictures, as always!! glad you were able to have a happy christmas despite the sickies. xoxoxo!

  3. Leah says:

    Merry everything to you too!

    I JUST got those exact same sets of PJs for the kids to wear for next Christmas. Except I am going to force my children to match because I am all kinds of mean like that.

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