Funny in training

So the other day I was sitting on the couch when something started to stink. The obvious answer to the “who crapped their pants?” question around here is Baby Evan, so I demanded he come over and let me stick my face in his butt immediately. I said, mostly to myself, “How do you smell buddy?”

And this was my answer.

and P.S. The thing he has in his hand at the end is a baby wipe, with which he is wiping things. Because the clean-up game is his new favorite.

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5 Responses to “Funny in training”

  1. MKP says:

    Hahaha – that’s awesome. He’s already got the “Am I in trouble?” face down – when you said “Hey, Evan” and he said “What?”

    My dad as a kid was asked on an IQ test “What is a spade” and he said “What they do the puppy.”

  2. mamaphan says:

    Too cute! Hey, keep the clean up game a favorite as long as you possibly can!

  3. Emmie Bee says:

    YES! What a smart little guy. I especially like that he sticks his finger UP his nose. :)

  4. smart guy! I LOVE how excited you get. I’m the same way.

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