Four Days Is Not Forever

Taking off over Minneapolis at 7 am

But it sure can feel like it.

I had a great time at The Creative Connection & have a zillion pictures to share & some gorgeous pretty things to show you. Everyone at the conference was unbelievably nice and approachable and down-to-earth and willing to chat with a friendless blogger lost in the craft world. I didn’t feel lonely for even one second of the event.

AFTER the event I might have had a teeny tiny breakdown. First it was a cab driver who got totally lost and argued with me and my new friend (and fellow winner) Kerrie about whether or not he would adjust the fare to make up for it. 30 seconds after he pulled away to take Kerrie to her hotel on the other side of the airport the front desk guy informed me there was a mix-up somewhere and I was at the wrong Residence Inn. My room was at the other one. On the other side of the airport. And their shuttle was busy picking people up elsewhere so no, I could not get a ride but he could call me a cab. Then THAT cab driver managed to make what Google assured me was only a 5 minute drive into a $30 ride. And then…well, and then it was 9:30 at night and I’d been up since 6 and the only thing I’d eaten since noon was a cupcake and my crotch felt like it was being stabbed with a giant pointy stick and I had just spent ALL my cash on two cab rides and as soon as E picked up the phone I started sobbing and just totally couldn’t stop. I was a snotty, pregnant, exhausted mess. But every time I opened my mouth to complain I felt like the most ungrateful douche-canoe in the whole world. I am INCREDIBLY lucky to have had the whole experience and appreciate every single minute of the time I had. All I can say is Pregnant Hormonal Woman is Pregnant and Hormonal and really, really, really hates people who refuse to go an inch out of their own way to help someone obviously lost and vulnerable and struggling.

But now it’s all over and I’m just SO GLAD to be home with my wonderful, patient, awesome husband and my adorable loving Baby Evan.

Who may be just a little bit mad about my leaving.

I think E let him watch too many episodes of Family Guy

Thank you again to Lark Crafts and Where Women Create! You are all the most inspiring, kind, creative people ever!

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6 Responses to “Four Days Is Not Forever”

  1. Meg says:

    Welcome home! Look how cute that red hair is as he tries to suffocate you!

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  3. Amanda says:

    At least he’s not saying “shh mama shhh” while does it! You know like my darling daughter.

  4. TMae says:

    Seriously? The Residence Inn couldn’t figure out how to get you from one to the other? That’s awful. I usually think of Marriott as my go-to hotel chain, but that information knocks ’em down a peg or two. Because? Hello? PREGNANT WOMAN NEEDS HELP. Not that hard. I probably would have had a meltdown, too, and I’m not pregnant and hormonal. (Okay, maybe hormonal, but certainly not pregnant.)

    • bebehblog says:

      You know, E stays at the Residence Inn ALL THE TIME for work (in Upstate NY) and he loves them. And the room was shockingly nice for a low-cost hotel. But the people who were working the front desks were just…less than friendly. It probably didn’t help that they were ALL men – I feel like a woman would have taken pity on the preggo.

  5. Welcome back! I just left my little one for a few days as I had to go to Germany for work. She stayed back w/ my husband in London and they met me 3 days later. When they got to Berlin, she was happy to see me in the airport but didn’t want me to feed her, hold her try and put her to bed – NOTHING!! It was all daddy all the time. I’m like, thanks kid I missed you too!!

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