First Day of School 2014

I think I forgot to do the questions last year. I’m not even sure I took pictures of Caroline’s first day – I can’t find the post. But this year was a big year for both kids. Caroline started taking a BUS to a big school EVERY DAY and Evan started FULL DAY kindergarten so I took the time to look up the questions from 2 years ago and did it again. Plus Caroline REALLY wanted me to ask her what her favorite food was for some reason.

The first couple of days have been amazing for them and crazy stressful for me. Our school district buses everyone and encourages us to take advantage of the buses. Both schools (Caroline is at the special pre-K-only building, Evan’s at the magnet elementary school a few miles away) have very limited parking and no drop-off area for parents, just buses. I WANT the kids to take the bus. But the bus system is, to put it nicely, crap. The bus numbers we were given – the official ones, the ones printed on their tags – are not ACTUALLY their bus numbers. No one is actually sure why. Every bus has been late. Caroline’s morning bus was the least late, only 5 minutes. Evan’s afternoon bus was 45 minutes late the first day and 75 MINUTES LATE the second day. He was somehow put on the wrong bus on the wrong route and then taken back to the school and…you know what? I don’t want to talk about it. It was crappy. I was pissed. But the school handled it, he made it home no worse for the wear.

Both kids love their teachers, both kids love their uniforms, both kids love their new backpacks, both kids had zero tears or worries about leaving me. I am completely amazed I grew 2 little people who are so confident and outgoing and brave. I am also REALLY happy I have one little person at home who still needs me constantly so I don’t have time to be too depressed about the big kids. BIG KIDS. LOOK AT HOW BIG THEY ARE.

evan first day web size-2

evan first day web size-4

evan first day web size-7

evan first day web size-8


evan first day web size-9

evan first day web size-10

evan first day web size-12

evan first day web size-13

evan first day web size-15

evan first day web size-16

evan first day web size-17

evan first day graphic

caroline first day web size

caroline first day web size-3

caroline first day web size-4

caroline first day web size-6

caroline first day web size-11

caroline first day web size-12

caroline first day web size-18

caroline first day web size-14

caroline first day web size-15

caroline first day web size-16

caroline first day web size-19

This is her face when she saw her bus coming up the street.

caroline first day web size-8

caroline first day graphic

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8 Responses to “First Day of School 2014”

  1. Liz says:

    Linc looks less than impressed, lol. Cute photos!

  2. Raincheckmom says:

    Your first day of first grade I waited for your school bus and when it came all the neighborhood kids got off….except you! Your friend told me a teacher had put you on the wrong bus, despite the fact that your name tag clearly indicated the correct bus! Um, so where WERE you? Knot in the stomach time! About 45 minutes later a school bus, carrying only you, stopped and dropped you off at the house! Whew! I remember having a few words with the school….

  3. Tara says:

    Wow, Caroline looks so grown up in her little uniform! So cute. Do you mind if I ask where you got her adorable boots?

  4. Lauren says:

    I want to be a policeman with a space ship when I grow up too! (too cute!)

  5. I can’t believe Evan’s bus was so late! Didn’t you have the same issue last year?

    I can’t believe Caroline is ready for Pre-K I remember she was about a year and a half old when I first started reading your blog. Where did all the time go?

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