Did you know…

…that some things hurt A LOT more when you’re pregnant? (This may also explain my last eyebrow wax.) I had my 6 month cleaning at the dentist today. I was very very proud of myself for not throwing up on my hygienist, even with the PAIN. I know she was trying to be gentle, but it felt like she was stabbing my mouth with razor blades and my gums bled so much I looked like a vampire. It was decidedly not fun. Maybe this is nature’s way of building up my pain tolerance so that the…thing that’s going to happen in 7 months doesn’t hurt OHMIGODSOFRICKINMUCH. Do you think I could talk my doctor into starting my epidural now?


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  1. Trashtastic says:

    Oh nay. This explains so much…

  2. Stacyinbean says:

    I remember this from when my mom was pregnant! She bled a ton during her cleaning too and was whining for days about her teeth! Mean dentist. Needless to say she did not go back to the dentist until she had my bro. I suggest you put that next cleaning off for about 8 months!

  3. lalaland13 says:

    I think I’ve heard you’re more likely to get cavities while pregnant. Considering my last trip to the dentist was in April after 3 years or so without a dental trip, and the news was terrible (root canal! A million cavities!) this puts me on the, “No babies, please.” All my teeth would probably fall out and I’d have wooden teeth by the time I delivered.

    And it’s only August yet I’m out of insurance money, so can’t get anything else done till January. Thanks, shitty insurance company. Thanks a bunch.

    Sorry you were in pain-I hate that. After they put my crown on I felt like I’d been kicked in the gums.

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