Baby Poll!

We did the wedding ring test – tie the ring to a string, hold it over my stomach – and it moved in a circle, which is supposed to mean girl. My mother says it’s a girl. My best friend says it’s a girl. My husband says “IT BETTER BE A FRICKIN BOY, WOMAN!” Eventually I’ll get at least one of each, so it doesn’t matter that much right now. But for the record, I’m going to predict boy.

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10 Responses to “Baby Poll!”

  1. lalaland13 says:

    It just let me vote for all three. So I apparently think your baby is going to be a character in a Jeffrey Eugenides novel.

    And also, never look up hamburger on urbandictionary. It’s just wrong.

  2. lalaland13 says:

    And I know your husband doesn’t really say that, right? Will he be genuinely disappointed if it is a girl?

  3. stacyinbean says:

    I am totally in the hamburger camp. Also, try the wedding ring test again, except with a spoon and let me know the results. Geez, I’m pushy today.

  4. stacyinbean says:

    Damn, I got the spoon test FROM the previous noted Jeffrey Eugenides novel. No crocuses!!!!

  5. sarrible says:

    The “eventually” part scares me. I’m picturing you knee-deep in little blond girls…remind Henry VIII over there that the sex is his part of the deal, would you?

  6. bebehblog says:

    E is a bit of a neanderthal. He says “With a boy, I only have to worry about one penis. With a girl, I have to worry about all of them.” Yes, I CHOOSE this man to father my children.

    (No he won’t really be disappointed with a girl. He will, however, spoil her completely rotten.)

  7. lalaland13 says:

    @bebehblog: As it should be, re: spoiling. That is a rather double-standardish thing to say, but I have mostly accepted that even the most loving and progressive men will revert to stereotypical gender roles when it comes to daughters. The whole “I’ll shoot you if you touch her” thing.

    And tell the husband that you will teach all your children to use condoms. And that if Hypothetical Hot Dog does not do this, he might have to worry about impregnating several uteruses (or uteri?)

    Anyway, I’m sure he’s a sweet guy. Like I said, all men become this way in regards to girl-children. One reason I refused to watch Juno with my dad: I did not want to remind him I have a vagina.

  8. h_a_l says:

    Ha – me and my husband are the opposite – i keep referring to it as ‘him’ and he keeps referring to it as ‘her’ although we’re still many weeks away from finding out for sure.

  9. sarrible says:

    Re: E. Not if your boy turns out to be gay.

  10. E says:

    @sarrible: if my girl is a lesbian i go back to the original boy statement. So, I’m good.

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