All your babies are belong to us

Contamination contained. We set up a perimeter. No babies will be escaping from this facility. Now our evil plans can begin mwahahahahahahahaaaaaaaa!

IMG_3708Since rolling has quickly turned into scooting in circles and the occasional attempt to push up on his knees we decided it was time to get started on the baby-proofing. Of course, just like EVERYTHING ELSE about parenthood, you can only be prepared for half of it. The things you thought you absolutely had to have (ahem BUMBO SEAT) were totally unnecessary and you end up running through the street at 11:00 pm throwing money at anyone who promises to get you the stuff you neeeeeeeed.

The real victims of the baby proofing are our pets. The stupid evil cat can’t figure out how to get through the gate (hint: YOU JUST WALK THROUGH IT YOU’RE A CAT). The dog can no longer run to the front door and greet every single visitor we have OMG TRAGIC. And the stupid nice cat has already decided she’d prefer if I opened it FOR her so she sits and meows. Odds are we’re going to have at least one poop on the floor incident before we reach acceptance. Although since the gate is between the couch and the bathroom, I wouldn’t rule E out of that race. Kidding honey!

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  1. lalaland13 says:

    This post makes me laugh. Especially the “JUST WALK THROUGH IT YOU’RE A CAT!”

    My mom keeps a gate outside the door at her house because of the four to five dogs that would try to run out into the street otherwise (sadly, we lost a Pomeranian that way). I’ve tripped and cursed over it before. Then my mom said, “Just slide it open!” And I said, “What, and do the easy thing?” As soon as you get over the gate and open the door, a flood of puppies comes running out and attacks.

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