What kind of horrible twist is this?

If you are related to me or E in any way, and/or are adverse to hearing about things done while naked, please skip this post. I am not trying to traumatize anyone.

Since E was picked up as chief, he’s been very busy, and when he hasn’t been busy, he’s been tired. Add weekend house guests, a three day business trip, and we’ve been suffering a bit of a dry spell in the doin’ it department. Nothing huge or astonishing, but it’s been a few days since we were both awake enough to make an effort. I am a big fan of a little morning sunshine (my grandmother’s term for orange juice, sorry Grandma!) so lets just say I was very happy this morning…at least until I actually got out of bed. Then it was like the morning sickness fairy punched me in the stomach. I managed to choke down some milk and my vitamin, only to have everything come back up as I walked in the door to my office. I even threw up the mint I was sucking on to get rid of the puke taste. I haven’t been this sick before – at least not with so much actual barfing – so I have to wonder if there’s some sort of correlation between my morning activities and my desire to throw up. I’ve never heard of one, none of the books warned me about it, and I will never forgive my baby if this is a continuous 9 month problem. Has anyone ever heard of this, or was it just an unlucky coincidence?


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  1. andBegorrah says:

    BABIES HATE THE SEX. Clearly. But the upside is that the guilt-trips over this will make your kid squirm six ways from Sunday well into adulthood.

    “Remember how you punished me for having sex with your dad?? Go wash the dishes!”

  2. Meg says:

    I have not heard of this, but I can give you something just as awful to look forward to. ;) Later on in pregnancy, when you have an orgasm, your stomach cramps up, hardens, and it is quite…odd. But you can sort of make out the baby a bit easier, so that’s the plus side.

  3. myrtlebeachbum says:

    3 or 4 months in, life will be GLORIOUS. No more morning sickness, everything tastes 1000X better than it ever did before, your maternity clothes fit perfectly, and sex is most welcome and most enjoyable. Relish every moment, trust.

  4. andBegorrah says:

    Okay, wow, ignore any and all of my comments and listen to the bechilded ladies. (It’s incredibly immature of me to say, but can I just say? OMG, Meg, that’s just weird.)

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