A Gift For You

In the spirit of Stuff On My Cat, I present Stuff On My Baby. Which I cannot believe doesn’t already exist as a website instead of just a parked domain name. Stuff On My Baby will be priceless! Babies are always covered in stuff, plus the really little ones are totally helpless against having stuff put on them. I mean, not that I would put stuff on a helpless sleeping infant. That would be bad parenting, especially if I then put pictures of that stuff on the internet. Nope, I would never ever do something like that. And not just because my baby is now too old for those kind of shenanigans and I have to settle for tricking him into funny pictures while he’s awake.

Yarn on my baby

A colander on my baby

A red (but not riding) hood on my baby

I apologize for the lack of consistent posts the past week and apologize in advance for the lack of posts in the coming week. The holidays have been making me crazy and draining all the creativity and humor right out of my brain. I’m also sort of shell shocked by the fact that 2010 is just days away and my baby is almost 9 months old. I think once all that sinks in I’m going to have a freak out of major proportions, which I will happily share with you because it’s bound to bring the LOLs.

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