The Groovy Smoothie

This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias, but all opinions and photos are my own. You know, in case you thought McDonald’s had stock photos of my kids. #CBias

We obviously watch too much Fresh Beat Band in our house, because every time I told Evan we were going to get lunch and a smoothie he said “Kiki Shout smoothies?” Unfortunately for him, the only smoothie place I know of around here is McDonald’s and while it’s still pretty groovy, no one broke into song or choreographed a dance for us while we were there. Bummer.

I’ve seen the smoothies on the menu at McDonald’s for a while but I’ve never had one before. I was unconvinced their “MADE WITH REAL FRUIT” claims would live up to the hype. But when Collective Bias asked if I’d like to review one I figured it was a good excuse to stop for lunch and share a treat with the kids. McDonald’s is actually my favorite fast food place, both when I’m not dieting (McD’s fries 4-eva) and when I am (the Southwest Salad? DELICIOUS) so it wasn’t exactly out of our norm to pick up lunch on the way home from Stroller Strides and errands. It’s one of the reasons I will probably never totally give up fast food – it is FAST and it is FOOD and I don’t have to get out of car or do any dishes. Also, they have Diet Coke.

Caroline is excited about stopping for lunch. She likes the apple slices and the nuggets.

Since I’m sticking to my strict points-counting guns, I looked up the nutrition info on my Weight Watchers app. A small is only 5 points, so I shared a medium with the kids. I suspect I ended up getting way less than a full serving.

Giving the sideeye to anyone who thinks about taking his smoothie

Don't let the brain-freeze scowl fool you - she sucked it right down, thanks to recently deciding straws were her favorite.

We got the Wild Berry Real Fruit Smoothie, which is made with blueberries, blackberries and strawberry. I’m not sure any of those berries are exactly WILD (boysenberry has always struck me as the real troublemaker), but they are a delicious combination. It tasted exactly like a smoothie I would make at home – not overly sweetened, icy, a few berry seeds. Except I never do make my own. Because I am lazy and my blender sucks and yogurt seems to expire the second I buy it and it makes a mess and did I mention I’m lazy?

Bonus points because the toddler loved it and I added it to my list of “bribes I don’t have to feel too bad about” because he gets a serving of fruit and low-fat dairy.

Does the addition of a smoothie make my sparkly aviators MORE or LESS ridiculous? Discuss.

You can see more pictures from our day out and our smoothie adventure on my Google + page. Also, be my friend on Google+! I have no idea what I’m doing over there but apparently Google REALLY wants us to use it.

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4 Responses to “The Groovy Smoothie”

  1. Cole says:

    Yum! Mommy wants to try the mango-pineapple one, but we never seem to get to McD’s…

  2. Sarah-Anne says:

    You look to hipster with the smoothie AND the aviators. Truth.

  3. Finn says:

    Love your blog!! I am a former SS and BB’er of April and Katherine. Seriously, your writing is refreshing and honest. My fave line today, “Except I never do make my own. Because I am lazy and my blender sucks and yogurt seems to expire the second I buy it and it makes a mess and did I mention I’m lazy?”

    Kepp it up Momma!

  4. 5 points, good to know. I realized yesterday that a small jamocha shake from Arby’s is 19 points – right before I sucked that bad boy down anyway. Thank god for extra breastfeeding mama points!

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