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Scary Bear

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

Since learning my new skill back in October, I’ve become quite dedicated to knitting and am really enjoying this hobby. I’ve even managed to complete a few projects well enough to gift them to friends and family, although my pile of badly made baby hats is shamefully large. I just can’t bring myself to give away a project I messed up, and messing up is about 50% of knitting – it’s called “frogging” because when you rip out stitches you “rip-it rip-it”. It’s pretty much the cutest way ever of saying YOU SUCK AT KNITTING and should find an easier hobby.

Since about a zillion people I know are having babies, I bought a book of book of baby knitting patterns to get started on a few specific gifts. I also bought what I thought was enough yarn for three teddy bears in three different colors, one of which would be my practice bear for Baby Evan before I attempted one for REDACTED (Let’s just say someone who might read this). Unfortunately, between mistakes and my inability to judge how much of a tail I need to cast on, I ended up one ear short with my yarn. Then Baby Evan was so excited to play with his new toy he ran off with the snout piece and I cannot find in anywhere. So now I’m waiting for my yarn order before I can remake the nose, sew on the nose and ears, stuff the head, and attach it to the body. This is what the finished bear is SUPPOSED to look like:


And here’s what my bear currently looks like:

Skeptical cat is skeptical of Headless Zombie Bear.

Of course, since Baby Evan wouldn’t keep his hands of the pieces before they were even stuffed, he’s seeing nothing wrong with Headless Zombie Bear and has started dragging him around already.

Zombie Baby enjoys a snack of headless bear.

I’m tempted to just leave Headless Zombie Bear headless and zombie-fied. I think a headless bear lovie is hilarious and would like nothing better than to send Baby Evan off to his first sleep over with my sad, pathetic first try of a bear and have him explain to people no, it’s SUPPOSED to look like this. I could start a whole trend of creepy, headless stuffed animals. Or maybe that’s where serial killers come from and I should keep my dark sense of humor to myself.

p.s. LOVE THE NEW CAMERA. It makes my crowded room and giant pile of plastic baby toys look all soft and colorful. And I still don’t know what I’m doing. Also: no red eye on my Zombie Baby!