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Friday, November 26th, 2010

I’m a little late, but today my list is much much longer than it would have been if I wrote it yesterday.

I am thankful for…

A good hospital less than a mile from my house.

Doctors, specialists and nurses who couldn’t have been any nicer and never once acted the least bit annoyed to be working on a holiday.


A healthy baby girl who refuses to be bothered by anything from contractions brought on by pain to surgery. Maybe I should add Super Woman to our possible name list.

Excellent health insurance that allows me to get all the care I need. Total out-of-pocket costs: $9 for two prescriptions. Score another BAZILLION points for socialized medicine.

More narcotics.

A husband who is an active participant in childcare duties and has no problem single parenting for two and a half days.

A bedtime routine with Little Evan that doesn’t include me, so when I have to stay in the hospital for two nights he doesn’t freak out.

Friends who might live 500 miles away but send their mom over with Thanksgiving food. Turkey, stuffing & three different delicious desserts FTW!

Text messages, emails, and comments wishing me a speedy recovery and offers to help from so so many people, many who I only “know” through the internet. I have the best friends in the world.

Even more narcotics.

My king sized bed, hot shower, super comfy couch and a week’s worth of TV on DVR.

Awesome Black Friday sales from some of my favorite Etsy/Big Cartel sellers so I can support handmade AND get my shop on from my couch.

FINALLY getting to decorate for Christmas, even if that means making E haul it all down from the attic and put it up while I point and say “No no, the COLORED lights go on the banister!”.

Only 30 more days until my due date.

Only 22 more days until my mommy gets here.

Just one more teeny tiny narcotic before bed so I can get a full 8 hours for the first time in WEEKS.


In case anyone cares, here’s what ended up happening with medical stuff (meaning full of TMI):

The horrible painful pain in my right side was being caused by a medium sized kidney stone that had traveled down my ureter and blocked it, which is why when Man Doctor poked me in the actual kidney I said it didn’t hurt. They waited overnight to see if maybe it would come out but it didn’t budge so they went in with a ureterscope and a little basket to pull it out. To prevent any further blockage, the urologist left a stent – a plastic tube – that goes from my ureter to my bladder in place for a few days. I go in on Wednesday to have it removed…which I fear is going to involve yanking it out by the little string that’s attached. I will bring my narcotics with me, just in case.

An ultrasound shows I have at least two more large stones on the right hand side that will have to be broken up, but it’s safer to wait until after the baby is born. The real problem is I have a few small ones on the left hand side to that could either pass with little/no problem or also get stuck. The urologist couldn’t believe I had never been diagnosed with kidney stones before considering the size/number I have now. So I’m on strict orders to drink a zillion gallons of water a day and not take any more Tums – turns out the calcium in the Tums (combined with pregnancy in general) is probably what caused the stones. So pregnant ladies, watch yourselves. As bad as my heartburn is I would take it a zillion times over instead of 18 hours of undiagnosed kidney stone pain. A BILLION ZILLION TRILLION TIMES.

Thanks again for all your thoughts, prayers and well wishes!! xoxo

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